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Inside the boundaries of a rural tract of land belonging to a presidential candidate, an airstrip capable of receiving planes with up to 50 passengers.  Some $7 million in public funds went into the construction.

It gives me a mild shock when the first messenger arrives with the tidings: It is the Brazilian franchise of the Huffington Post.

The revelation that a public airport managed by relatives of Aécio Neves poured fuel on the fire in the Neves campaign. The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) released a statement today (July 22) stating that it will notify the state government of Minas about the case and that it will investigate possible irregularities at the airport in Cláudio (Minas Gerais).


In the bunker of Muda Brasil“time for a change” — commanded by Neves, ANAC’s response to negative front-page coverage by the Folha de S. Paulo was interpreted as a political ploy.

Senior Neves advisors believe that the public machine is being used in favor of the incumbent Dilma Rousseff.

“This time around the abuses used to support the Workers Party is ANAC. This type of conduct is banned by election law,” said Carlos Sampaio (PSDB-SP), Muda Brasil general counsel.

The PSDB said it would take ANAC to court at the federal elections tribunal along with Dilma, charging that she “persecutes political opponents of the government.”

The agency said it would take “the proper steps” if the Folha story was true. ANAC added that it will inspect other airports that may be “receiving irregular operations.”

The Neves campaign says the licensing of the Cláudio airport, built by the state government of Minas Gerais, is and has been legal and transparent.

ANAC says it will perform an inspection to verify that the technical requirements were met during construction before it issues an operating license. Once cleared by the Air Force, the premises may be opened to the public. According to the Folha, Dilma’s campaign has stated it will file charges of improprieties with the public prosecutor.

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I Think ICANN | Alex Gakura

Author: Alex Gakuru | YouTube

Alex is profiled on Wikipedia for his work in Kenya.

He is heavily involved in ICANN, but also works as a Board Member for the Communications Commission of Kenya, and is the Chairman of the ICT Consumer’s Association of Kenya.

Pública | Globo Voices Online?


To come: Why Pública is the most interesting and dynamic investigative journalism project in Brazil today, performing valuable work while dealing with a horde of eclectic financial supporters. It receives support from, for example — see above — a plethora of funding sources and content redistributors, including the major funders of “innovation journalism.”

  1. MacArthur
  2. Ford
  3. Hivos
  4. Berkman Center
  5. Knight Foundation
  6. Odebrecht

Screenshot from 2014-07-21 18:59:17

Screenshot from 2014-07-21 18:25:26

In order to prepare a focused crawl of the Web site — which publicly links to its supporters — I ran

wget -rH --tries 3

to obtain k-neighbors a single hop away.

These can be used to feed a WIRE crawl of greater depth. The count at the moment is 704.

The strategy of the site is to agressively encourage republication of the content it produces, with a mission to practice exemplary journalism — similar to Abraji – with which overlap is scarce.

Screenshot from 2014-07-21 17:48:27

The social network as discovered by WIRE, above, deserves a cautionary note, by the way. You cannot infer too much from such tools because the algorithm used often does not yield a more complete census until you have run many iterations.

That was the case here: the bot has not yet caught up to the data, and may never produce a complete CAT scan. But its role as a broker between Rede Brasil Actual and the Brazilian Infomoney is intriguing. Least path?

The Boston Hive Mind | Curator or Brokerage?

Screenshot from 2014-07-20 07:45:17

Wikipedia: was one of the first news websites on the public web, launched in late October 1995 by Boston Globe Electronic Publishing Inc., the Internet subsidiary of the Boston Globe ….

On September 12, 2011, the Boston Globe launched a separate site at that put most journalistic content from its print edition behind a paywall. still offers local news, sports, weather and leisure.

In September 2012, launched a new section, “the Hive”, that covers innovation and new technologies created by Boston area companies and beyond.

The Hive was rebranded as BetaBoston and so there we have it.

The site blends content from and the Boston Globe’s newsroom, and selects content from other experts on the web. The content is curated and appears in a media stream that constantly refreshes on the Hive’s homepage.

The site resembles in many ways the use of blogs by major dailies, such as the excellent Dealbook at the New York Times 

But what is really interesting is the volume and eclecticism of “curated” content — not to mention the economics of it. In my reading about redesigned newsrooms recently there is a certain amount of bad blood between the “business side” and editorial — something I experienced firsthand myself.

If I ever begin to call myself a “curator,” please shoot me, although I might take the job if you offered it under another name. The word “edit” should be kept safe from Newspeakers, but the actual work is pretty much the same.

Hire an editor today.

Screenshot from 2014-07-20 08:02:51

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Antiterror | Alckmin’s Praetorian Guards

Alckmin creates second antiterror unit, but government blocks press and public access

Alckmin creates second antiterror unit, but government blocks press and public access

Source: Rede Brasil Atual

Alckmin creates second antiterror batallion, but government withholds information from the press ..

São Paulo – Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) published in the Official Diary today a decree that creates BAEP, a Special Actions Police Battalion, whose assignment will be “acting to control civil disturbances and combat terrorism.”

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Unasul ⊆ Brics Bank | Emir Sader


Source: Viomundo

Author: Emir Sader, a prolific leftist journalist, Forum Social organizer and editor of the (huge!) left-leaning South American Encyclopedia 

The encounter of the BRICS nations and Unasul is the single most important accomplishment since the Cold War.

Sociologist Emir Sader says that the situation of nations at the center of capitalism – the EU and the USA – are opposed to the model of development with integration.

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Kassab | Politics and Blood Sport


Anderson Silva falls short in his bid to regain the Ultimate Fighting world champion belt

Item: Fausto Macedo, Estado de S. Paulo

I am not from here, but I pay my IPTU like clockwork and so I feel entitled to kvetch about the doings of City Hall –the maldita prefeitura.

When the last mayor — he is a real estate broker in civilian life, and legislates like one, too — moved into his office, for example, I recall reading in the ESP how he slotted his brothers and their friends into key positions at SPTrans (municipal buses) and the Metrô (subway), and other patronage jobs. It would take some doing to track the comings and goings at these public companies and agencies, but the Estado has clearly put some time and thought into trying to do so.

The major papers barely mentioned the potential nepotism at the time – for God’s sake, the man was a Malufist for decades! –and never connected the mayor with corrupt administrations in which he took an active part as an alderman, municipal secretary and deputy mayor to the late Celso Pitta, who apparently moonlighted as a fixed income investment salesman.

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