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The Sunday, Paperless | The Rise of the Global Megafirm | Utopian Singapore | Pandemonia in Roma

I am losiing track of my interexistences; I blame the rollout of the write once, post to every single umpteenth channel immediately, a feature introduced recently introduced by WordPress.

I have almost a compulsion to try all these sorts of schemes at least once, but more often than not I am sorry I did.

The Boi Zebu Editorial site is supposed to be a pleasant, succinctly informative intro to our services for clients, but got a little out of control as I succumbed to the temptation to hack Drupal.

This post from today, for example, is really a Sousaphone — news oriented with an alternative slant and animated by the unquiet spirit of Mark Twain — item:

As you aee from my online mindmap, writing more in Englilsh on general subjects — survival for gringos, the grey-market cachaça industry, black-marketeering and bartering, great shows and new artists to enjoy — might be more satisifying. I wrote mostly by rote these days, rather than following the meandering path from strt to finish that makes a good essay.

The Economist, whose prose has gotten shriller and more melodramatic over the years, sees “Barbarians at the Gates” of Brazil.

This narrative is about as plausible as the notion that Arab peoplss — except for Saudis and Syrians,, for some reaon — are spontaneously reprising the Orange Revolution — which as we sometimes forget turned out rather badly in the end.

I always enjoy writing about folksononies and comparative xingamentos, and other grist for linguiistic linguiça. I have always wanted to write a language column modeled on the droll intellectual exercises of Willaim Gass — of whom no one has ever heard, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, I have created Sousaphone Semantic Labas, a venue for my experimenting with CAR technique such as data-mining, Web-crawling and SNA.This gets pretty eye-crossingly technical for the general reader, but affords a nice sandbox for semantic tech being developed for Drupal and the like.

A lot of that material I had been writing up in Portuguese for O Bicho, Preguiça, my blog in Portuguese. Mostly for the practice in Portuguese prosfication. I translated a lot of material on SEO-SEM marketing from the English, sometimes creatively, to bring the Brazilian media watcher up to speed on the sort of work down by PR Watch and SourceWatch and others.

I stuck up some model projects that might be worthy of Tropicalization, like a mini version of SourceWatch, above.

But I sense that the Bicho is getting boring and formulaic and I would like to dedicate it more to news and personal narratives for Brazilian friends — maintaining it as a pillar of support for colleague who battle to make a decent standard of ethics prevail in the  major newsrooms.

And so I am entirely confused, and readding my Sunday paperless mash-up of a paperless newspaper from Calibre.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, for example, shows up in a Uruguayan daily under a portrait of Chomsky saying, “The U.S. is following the standard script in Egypt.”

She is probably right. Continue reading