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Globo No-Bids Tupi Super Bowl

“Globo unlesashes coup over broadcast rights,” is the dramatic headline

They will never forgive the network for growing fat from the largesse of the generalissimos.

My friends at Brasilianas note the media group’s press release for the record, and I translate.

I pretend to love football more than I actually do, I admit, although I really am excited about Ganso’s signing with Corinthians — historic object of fealty of the Tupitalian family I married into.

Dinner at the home of my sogra is like a scene from a Fellini movie.

Ganso and Neyman — fans were angry that neither made the World Cup team, and they both incredibly skilled and exciting to watch.

What I am trying to understand i the latest maneuver by the Globo television network with regard to the national championship tourneys in 2012-2014 — for which, for the first as far as I know,  it has announced it will not submit a bid .

The anxiety of the rival Record Network and Bandeirantes to claim a larger share of the audience for these matches had been expected to drive up prices during the auction, benefiting the Group of 13, the largest and wealthiest teams in the CBF.

In a press release issue ‘Friday evening, Globo also says it will hold separate talks with the clubs in order to hash out a format for the distribution of the transmission rights.”

Team executives worried, and with good reason, about the legitimate interests of their clubs and, above all, with the fans, can bear witness to the enormous investments Globo has made over the years in partnership to bring the viewer world-class football, with Globo quality and professionalism.

Globo event coverage, aside from sports, is often laughably bad — especially Carnaval. Not to mention the abysmal quality of its telejournalism. Globo runs these TV ad blitzes about how professional, creative and high-quality they are — and then the program comes back on and it is gabbling banana-republican nonsense likie Fantástico.

There are so many familar Globo PR clichés in that firt short paragraph that you begin to think they write their press releases using an algorithm nowadays

When they trot out the argument that that are “merely thinking of the fans,” I nearly choke on my slicke of mamão.

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