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Swaps and Swaptions | The Newest Globo Soap

Noted with interest:

Investment bank that provides a setting for the Globo soap operat Cold, Cold Heart bring products like private equity and derivatives to a lay public.

In a recent Globo soap, the network brought pole-dancing as a healthy, respectable way of making a living to its soap opera audience. It also showed a woman selling beer by promising to flash her breasts if her consignment was sold out.

Naturally, the sponsor was a brewery.

Globo believes intensely in the pedagogical value of its entertainment programming. It is, I believe, among the ultimate infotainment purveyors in the world.

I have never seen an entertainment channel bend so far over backwards to produce programming to “educate” the public on “topics of interest” to the principal sponsor or sponsors — including political interests. It is a vile spectacle.

The vision of the world it brings its viewers general has about as much verisimilitude as an Itch and Scratchy episode, but is generally highly ideologically loaded — our pole dancer is merely a “sexual entrepreneur” and what after all is wrong with that?

Million-dollar investments in derivatives. A private equity that invests in wind power. Cooking the books to fool the CVM. These mght all seem like matters for the financial pages, but in fact are dealt with during prime time on Globo’s open-to-air network.

The soap opera  Insensato Coração — Cold, Cold Heart — by Rede Globo, even uses an investment bank for all these financial products, and more. .

The Brasil Econômico piece reads an awful lot like a puff piece for Globo.

What Globo lacks is any semblance of series like Law & Order, which shows ordinary citizens involved in the process of justice. The absence is practically blinding.

I will have start watching the soap, which comes on at 9, normally my bed time.