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Globo x Record | RICO in Rio

Incumbent Globo and up and comer Record are always good for instances of bareknuckle corporate «vale-tudo».

A recent report in Globo’s top weekly, Época magazine, illustrates the media group’s disdain for the fabulously wealthy Protestant denomination known as IURD, which bankrolls the rival network.

The result is something of a running rhetorical war of  religion, as in the cover story referred to, an otherwide interesting look at the construction of venues for mass religious ceremonies, by Catholics and Protestants alike.

As to the religion known as futebolPortal Imprensa reports from Rio de Janeiro …

In an official statement released Wednesday, the Record network expressed surprise at the decision by the international governing body, FIFA, to extend the Globo network’s existing broadcast rights to World Cup 2018 and 2022 without allowing for competing bids.

In the note, Record said it had been told in an e-mail from FIFA TV director Niclas Ericson after the 2010 Cup in Africa that a competitive bidding process would  award transmission rights for 2018 and 2022.

At the same time, in the Brazilian national congress, enabling legislation for the funding of the upcoming Olympics and World Cup and FIFA is progressing slowly.

FIFA, meanwhile, suffers from terrible public relations migraines relating to João Havelange, who resigned from the boards of both Cup and Olympiad last year in the wake of corruptions charges.

Fifa sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Adidas and Emirates have weighed in on corruption charges that have swirled around the governing body in recent weeks. None are satisfied with recent events and await the return of its trustworthiness.

No one, in the meanwhile, can explain Globo’s  longstanding monopoly on broadcasts of Carnival celebrations in Rio and São Paulo.

State lawmakers of the PMDB political party, which benefits from benign coverage of the party’s sitting governor, launched a probe into this phemenom but did not get very far.

Still, it makes you wonder: You see raids on mafia headquarters and then read that the persons sought are major funders  of  LIESA, the league of carnival societies sponsored by Globo. RICO Act, anyone?

Record says its management was given guarantees and that the bidding process would be public, transparent and open, as have FIFA auctions in other countries. The guarantees were purportedly given at a dinner with FIFA officials at the Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. At that encounter, Record says it delivered an official document in which it agrees to the conditions for being awarded coverage rights.

This Tuesday, however, Entretanto,  Fifa announced on its official Web site that Globo had renewed its contracts for the World Cups in Russia and Qatar.

Record says this deal was announced without consulting any other media group in Brazil, charging that FIFA had opened up other contracts to bidding in dozens of countries,

I confess to being way behind this story, which bubbled to the top for the first time in May of last year amid a lot of noise and speculation. Veja magazine — not always the most reliable font of information — had the following.

Joseph Blatter, FIFA president, said the body had not received evidence of any corruption in the process of selecting the host countries for World Cup 2018 and 2022, which it had asked the United Kingdom’s governing body to provide.

This announcement came as a response to former presidentDavid Triesman, who accused 4 colleagues on the selection board of inappropriate and unethical behavior during the selection process for 2018. Brazil’s representative, CBF president Ricardo Teixeira, is among the accused.

A FA concordou em enviar as suas provas à Fifa, mas também realiza a sua própria investigação. Triesman fez as acusações em uma audiência do parlamento britânico, na qual dois membros do Comitê Executivo da Fifa foram acusados de ter recebido dinheiro do Catar para votar no país como sede da Copa do Mundo de 2022. “Porém, não recebemos as provas do lorde Triesman”, disse o presidente da Fifa neste sábado.

Blatter indicou que o denunciante que disse a um jornal britânico que os dois eleitores africanos receberam propinas de US$ 1,5 milhão será ouvido pela Fifa na quarta-feira.