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Red Bull | The Way of Karma Cola

Meio & Mensagem:

Brazil’s federal advertising regulator bans a commercial for Red Bull involving the image of Jesus. News sites linking to the YouTube upload of the spot are advised that the company has blocked the video on intellectual property grounds.

I translate.

After receiving hundreds of protests, Conar today — [March 27] — decided to   pela bar airing of the Red Bull commerce that portrays an animated Christ figure walking on water. Conar ruled that the spot was disrespectful to religion.

The ban was passed by a simple majority of the 15 commissions assembled at Conar’s ethics body in São Paulo to vote.

The commercial is a foreign production, created by the Austrian agency Kastner & Partners, and generated a great deal of controversy in Brazil, particularly on religious Web sites and blogs. In Brazil, the Red Bull account is managed by Loducca, which imported the spot and brokered the air time.

At the same meeting, Conar voted to censure two additional campaigns: “It freezes water in an instant,” for Trident chewing gum, a Kraft Foods brand, … and “Pump up, define, slim down,” by Nutrilatina. Both decisions were unanimous.