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Ere I Saw Elba Ester | AMLO on the Comeback Trail

At first I found it mildly irritating.

Now I find it utterly abhorrent. The U.S. press is reporting on this year’s presidential race in Mexico as though it were a Manichean choice between two sharply defined alternatives: the return of the PRI or the perpetuation of the PAN.

The result of this crude statistical hack tends to take the form of polling results which do not add up to 100%, with no explanation offeredof as to where the other preferences are flocking.

Like it or not, Andrés Manuel López Obrador — AMLO — is a viable candidate whose chances are significantly enhanced by corruption scandals involving the PAN candidate.

Furthermore, I firmly believe AMLO was cheated of a narrow victory in the 2006 elections, during which PAN received illegal support from the U.S. business community and the political consultant Dick Morris, working under an assumed name.

A key element in the political machine mobilized against the center-left candidate is one of the most byzantine political villainesses in the history of south of the border, the national teachers union boss Elba Ester Gordillo. I took a fair amount of notes on the subject on my former blog, New Market Machines.

Among other villainous acts, Gordillo promoted the murderous repression of an SNTE local in Oaxaca, during which the U.S. journalist Brad Wills was assassinated by a political death squad controlled by the corrupt governor. The State Department embarassed itself royally by attempting to soft-peddle the incident in its press conferences. How do these seersucker Yale legacy men face the mirror after squash?

Anyway, that pretty well fucking did it for me: I am a gringo in a strange land myself. Will Hillary defend me when the death squads knock on our door?

Ciudadania Express (Mexico) reports that Gordillo remains a powerful political patron capable of mobilizing union members to defraud the voting. I translate.

Oaxaca, México.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that when he is elected President, he will not protect any of Mexico’s  political machines, including that of  Elba Esther Gordillo, national president of the teachers union, the «Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación» (SNTE); democracy, he says, is the way to defeat them..

“For this as it is for many things, democracy is the remedy,” said the presidential candidate of  Movimiento Progresista, a coalition of the PRD, PT and Movimiento Ciudadano.

During a morning news conference on the fifth day of the official presidential campai gn, AMLO focused on educational challenges confronting Mexico and exemplified by low quality of services, especially in elementary and middle school education …

“Only 4 in 10 young persons attend high school; 6 of 10 have no opportunity to study. The same is true of college education: only 28% of college-age youth are able to actually attend”, the former federal district governor said..

«What will you do with Elba Ester Gordillo?», reporters asked the candidate..

«Nothing must stand in the way of improving education, especially not machine politics ….»