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Charlie’s «Angels of Death» Squad

As documents in the case are leaked from the Supreme Court and made available to the general public– cover page, above — Correio do Estado reports on another of the myriad facets of the scandal of the season here in Brazil:

Federal police wiretaps show racketeer Carlos Augusto Ramos, aka «Charlie Waterfall», trying to aid police agents accused of belonging to death squads.

The recorded conversations are part of a federal supreme court inquiry into Senator Demóstenes Torres of Goias, convened to investigate his ties with the Goias racketeer.

Passages in the transcript reflect negotiations to tranfer military police troopers under arrest in Mato Grosso do Sul back to Goias. In the coversation, Demóstenes is asked to contact Goias governor Marconi Perillo, and says he is waiting for a new prosecutor to assume the case and «deliver on what has been promised».

.This sort of thing happens, and is even taken seriously by the press at times.

Just a few years ago, the grand dragon of the jogo de bicho in Mato Grosso, a certain Mr. Arcanjo, allegedly ordered the death of newspaper owner Domingos Sávio Brandão de Lima Júnior of the Folha do Estado — undermining cosmetic publicity trying to equate «The Knight-Commander» — a title conferred on Arcanjo by the state legislative assembly — with Sinatra in Robin and The Seven Hoods.