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The Waterfall Affair | «Something Rotten in the State of Goiás»

Viomundo reports and I translate and tag for recollection later :

“Practically the entire government of Goiás was involved with Charlie Waterfall’s criminal organization, according to federal deputy Teixeira, a member of the congressional probe into the affair.

Readers with an historical memory will recall similar cases in Mato Grosso and Piauí states, as well as the parapolitical militia of Rio de Janeiro — also financed by illegal gambling proceeds.

“This criminal organization was extremely powerful, wielding control of the anticrime apparatus of the state. It blocked legal actions against itself and encouraged such action against business rivals. To this scheme, anything goes, even false imprisonment. It’s like some Hollywood movie.”

We are always commenting the difficulty Brazilian TV has in developing info-edutainment series like a Law and Order of its own. One hears recently that the upstart Rede Record may be planning a roll-out along these lines shortly to rival the entrenched soap opera machine at Globo.

“The rackets had the commanders of the state military and judicial police on their payroll, as well as top police in the capital city of Goiânia and police internal affairs … it paid off the director of Detran and influenced the state secretary of public safety.”, said Teixeira. “On the political level, it influenced policy in the areas of education and science & technology, as well as the governor’s chief of staff.”

It was not for nothing that Matheus Mella testified: “Goiásis a state completedly infiltrated by a criminal faction. It is a State that had rotted from the inside.”.

Translation to continue.

O DEM forçou o senador goiano Demóstenes Torres – “envolvido até à cabeça com a quadrilha de Cachoeira” — a se retirar do partido. E o PSDB, como fica nessa história, já que as evidências das relações íntimas de Perillo e do deputado federal Carlos Alberto Leréia com a quadrilha não param de crescer?

“O PSDB tem tentado ampliar o escopo dessa CPI, de modo que fique tão amplo que resulte no esquecimento do que foi feito”, avalia Teixeira. “A tática de dizer que o Cachoeira financiou a humanidade inteira e, assim, tirar o foco de onde está realmente o problema, vai desgastar ainda mais o PSDB e não vai funcionar. Não foi a humanidade inteira que esteve na folha de pagamentos de Cachoeira. Foram determinados políticos, determinados agentes públicos, determinadas autoridades.”