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BBC | «Broadcast Brazilian Content»

Above: «Rural lobby controls 25% of Brazilian Congress». Also signficant is the fact that the sector’s leading lobbyist apparently collects two salaries: She is both leader of the agro bloc in the Senate and the president of the CNA, the largest national agroconfederation.

Brasilianas.Org reports: BBC will produce content in, and export content from, Brazil in the next several years.

With an eye on new legislation governing pay TV, the Beeb will open an office in Brazil. The idea is to evaluate locally produced programming in accordance with the Beeb’s own editorial standards.

“This will be the first Latin American market where we will attempt to produce programming,” said Rubinstein, although the BBC has already installed channels in Argentina, Chile and other markets in the Americas.  Once programming is produced in Brazil, it wiil be exported to other markets.

An example is Frozen Planet, which airs on the Discovery Channel. Earth has already aired on TV Globo as part of Sunday evening’s Fantástico.

Were it not for Televisa (Mexico) and its Brozo the ambush interview clown, Fantástico would be the most egregious example of mindbendingly stupid infotainment, masquerading as quality journalism, in any Romance or Germanic language known to man.

Its answer to Safer, Rather and Bradley, for example, is a crossover game show host billed with a straight face as a worthy journalist despite his role as the grande irmão in Big Brother Brasil.

«Our sales team will continue to negotiate content, but our own most successful shows will also be reused in the new channel.», [Rubenstein said].

My local social network nodes, for one, appear to welcome their new anglophile overlord and its hybrid, public-private governance model.