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Spanish Influenza | The Indian Gifts of Uncle Sam

Viomundo (Brazil) cites recent Wikileaks- and FOIA-based revelations about the influence of U.S. government and private sector support for foreign journalists and news and opinion outlets — in this case, for Venezuelan journalists and publications identified as opponents of Uncle Hugo.

The documents …set forth some US$ 4 million in financing of Venezuelan journalists and media outlets in recent years.

The funds were channeled directly from the State Department through three U.S. public entities: the Panamerican Development Fund, Freedom House and USAID.

In a crude attempt to cover up its activity, State censored the names of most of the organizations and journalists receiving this million-dollar funding. However, a document dated from July 2008 omitted censorship of two of the main groups receiving funding in Venezuela: Espacio Público and the Press and Society Institute — in Spanish, the IPYS.

This is just the sort of story that might be illustrated usefully by analyzing the «link ecology» of such networked collaborations, referencing the ECOLEAD scheme developed by the EU for this type of organization — the CNO, for Collaborative Networked Organization.

The diagram that heads this note, for example, depicts avenues of inflows and outflows — influence and effluence — among loosely joined organizational components.

An egocentric view of the IPYS network reflects a digital distribution mechanism with flows among international bodies — WAN-IFRA — as well as national and local, and management and labor.

Virtual organizations are assembled from interoperable components provided by pools of financial, technical and rhetorical resources.

A regional alliance of press associations, for example, may rely on IFEX, Article 19 or the Chapultepec Declaration in framing the argument in cases specific to its regional concerns, while on another plane such organizations may be mounted and multiplied quickly using pools of technical means — NGO and think-tank toolkits, for example.

Channels are multiplied in violation of the usual logical principle — entia non multiplicanda. The apparent wealth of apparently independent sources for specific cases of advogacy follows the Devil and his dictionary — «My name is Legion».

Digital strategies in a box include the USHAHIDI kit, promoted by American diplomacy and foreign trade evangelism and used for sites such as the PADF. Whether the partial anagram with «USAID» was intentional we shall have to ask the brains behind the non-profit currently in charge of the project.


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