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Adopt a Corpse | Ricardo Prudente de Aquino

From time to time this blog launches an «adopt a corpse» campaign which tries to do a better job of following up on questionable cases of murder and mayhem in the Greater Sambodian Metropolitan Area of São Paulo. These cases tend to fade fast from the headlines, in part because justice is invariably less than swift.

We have chronicled the execution-style slaying of a neighbor on the Rua Beatrice and we have waited impatiently for closure in the case of a citizen journalist killed in the same manner in Porto Ferreira, in «upstate» Sambodia.

[In the latter case, four of five defendants in the murder trial were found guilty in 2010, sentenced to 16 years, and stripped of their commissions in the military police. Yes, in this case as in so many others, the cops were the criminals.]

In this way, we try to harness our obsessive-compulsive tendencies to some practical purpose.

In that same spirit, Época magazine’s Ruth de Aquino summarizes a high-profile police slaying that occurred just last week, literally within earshot of the Lusophone Sousaphone newsroom, on Avenida das Corujas, Sumarezinho.

There was nothing threatening inside the car. A guitar, cooking utensils, papers and a small amount of marijuana: 50 g. The Ford Fiesta was driven by business owner Ricardo Prudente de Aquino, 39. The time was 10:30 p.m.

Neuza chimes in to say that no marijuana was found in the car, but the correct version appears to be that the family of the publicist and aspiring chef are challenging this fact, charging the police with planting the drug.

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