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Medical Detectives Comb Avenue of the Owls

The latest in the police shooting of a neighbor of ours, via G1, and I translate …

The state high court of São Paulo ordered the release of three military police suspected of homicide in the death last  week of business owner Ricardo Prudente de Aquino, 39.

The men participated in the reconstruction of the crime scene on Thursday, in the Alto de Pinheiros neighborhood, Western District.

This is actually Sumarezinho. The incident took place maybe 30m from our front gate.

Our street was swarming with news media last night, apparently working on a Medical Detectives style crime scene reenactment. The three PMs were shown arriving on the scene in prison jumpsuits.

The state public safety secretary criticized the judicial decision and called for the 3 men to be drummed out of the corps. In any event, the men remain behind bars while awaiting a ruling by a military tribunal.

Yes, in S. Paulo, police are subject to military, not civilian, justice.

Judge Willian Campos said that the troopers should not return to active duty. “I hereby order the defendants released on the condition that they … limit themselves to adminstrative duties and that this injunction not prejudice any disciplinary sanctions. …

… The reenactment of Aquino’s death began at 10:30 p.m., the same time of day as the incident, on Av. das Corujas. The three suspects were present. A police forensic evidence team photographed the crime scene.

A tactic frequently used by police involved in “resistance followed by death” killings in the past is to remove the body from the scene in order to interfere with evidence of the bad shooting.

After all, ambulances are designed to render first aid while en route to the hospital, right? Time wasted if victims are transported in a police car?

A federal program from the pre-Lula FHC administration has without a doubt contributed to good to excellent ambulance coverage in the city and country alike.

The surveillance video from our neighbor’s, acquired by Globo TV, shows the troopers loading the body into the trunk of their hatchback squad car.

Police forensic specialists photographed the scene for two hours. The reconstruction served to clarify any doubts about the case. Corporal Silva was driving the squad car, and Paulino was sitting beside him in the passenger seat. The reconstruction shows that all three men fired at the victim.

Hold on a minute! Surveillance footage shows one squad car and two motorcycles in hot pursuit of Aquino, but I am confused by the time line. See for yourself

The newsman there reports that 3 men stepped out of the squad car and shot Aquino, including bullets fired through the driver’s side window.

Bandeirantes, on the other hand, has a lone driver of the squad car and two motorcycle cops, who among them fired eight, not seven, shots.

For good measure, the attorney for the shooters tells reporters,

«He (Aquino) was behaving just like a miscreant. He tried to flee and the police fired at him to prevent him fleeing. There was no error. Had he stopped when ordered, none of this would have happened», the attorney said.

Support your local police, they can shoot you on mere suspicion, stemming from a simple parking violation — the chase began at the Praça Por do Sol. Perhaps the man was smoking a quiet joint before returning home, although relatives say he was not in the habit and that the drugs were planted.

The federal prosecutor will call for the dismissal and replacement of top police brass shortly, it is reported.