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Cachoeira Case | The Devil Is in the Dossier

«Do you know Policarpo Júnior? Carlos hired  Policarpo to create a dossier to be used against you. If you release Carlos, we will not make the dossier public.» — Andressa (hearsay)

The story so far: the big chief numbers racketeer of the central Brazilian state of Goiás is accused, among other things, of suborning and planting press coverage favorable to him or unfavorable to his competition.

The numbers racketeer is overheard in many of the wiretapped conversations, discussing the placement of articles with specific media owners and editors and their journalistic minions — including Veja magazine Brasília bureau chefe Policarpo Júnior, shown above lecturing to the Abril journalism course, offered by Veja’s publishing group.

The magazine is outraged by this and related allegations.

In a letter to the editor, the magazine described the allegations as «false, absurd and totally contrary to our ethical standards.». The magazine also said it is taking legal action to “sue the author of this libel, who is criminally slandering the magazine and its journalist».

Someone should add up all the SLAPP suits brought by Abril and Globo and present them in a nice, clean infographic. This would require quite a bit of work. The application of criminal libel and honor laws to any party other than itself is how the magazine has lost much of its credibility over the past decade in this area.

Mrs. Waterfall

The latest development is a story according to which the wife of numbers racketeer Carlinhos Cachoeira — «Charlie Waterfall» — paid a visit to the judge in the case and threatened him with the publication of a dossier on him in Veja magazine.

Sidebar: Mrs. Cachoeira is stunningly beautiful and also chic. She is custom-made for the tabloids in this case. Bikini photos are already circulating. Will Abril and its Playboy Brasil offer her the same deal as Monica Velosos, a Fawn Hall-analogue from a prior political crisis?

At any rate, I translate.

According to the judge in the case, Andressa threatened to publish a dossier if the arrest warrant for Cachoeira was not overturned.

Andressa was brought in for questioning and, after five hours of interrogation, was freed on the condition that she pay R$ 100,000 in bail.

Police began investigating the wife of Carlinhos Cachoeira, Andressa Mendonça, yesterday on suspicion of trying to corrupt the judge in charge of Operation Monte Carlo, which led to the arrest of Cachoeira in February of this year.

The Polícia Federal served arrest and search warrants at Andressa’s home. She was obliged to give a statement and to post bail in the amount of R$ 100,000. She is also barred from contacting anyone investigated in the case, including Cachoeira.

According to federal judge Alderico Rocha Santos, Andressa was in his office on July 26, attempting to obtain a reversal of the arrest warrant and the freeing of her husband.

At that time, according to a report filed with the prosecution, she claimed to have in her possession a «dossier» containing «unfavorable information» about him that would be published by Veja‘s Policarpo in the event Cachoeira was not released.

Head of the magazine’s Brasília bureau, Policarpo Júnior appears talking with Cachoeira on the wiretaps, but federal police say the conversations merely reflect the relation between reporter and source.

Veja can now point to corroboration of its innocent explanation for the intensive contacts between reporter and organized crime boss.

A reader of Brasilianas notes

Today on Bom Dia Brasil  (July 31), a report on the case was aired, but at no time were Veja or Policarpo named.  The report mentioned blackmail and a dossier, but nothing about Veja or Policarpo.

This is true, but a quick and dirty news google suggests that most coverage was complete in this sense.

In the Correio do Brasil, for example, a story picked up from Globo’s G1 news portal.

Federal judge  Alderico Rocha Santos told G1 yesterday — 30 July — that he had been blackmailed by Andressa Mendonça, wife to Carlos Augusto de Almeida Ramos, aka Charlie Waterfall.

Santos is presiding over the federal police’s Operation Monte Carlo, which imprisoned the numbers racketeer in February.

The judge said that Andressa came to him on July 26 and said she had a dossier on him which, if he ordered her husband’s release, she promised not to publish.

The judge said he had delivered to prosecutors a piece of paper with a list of names and surveillance footage of her entering and leaving the building.

According to Andressa, the judge said, the dossier had been collected at Cachoeira’s request by journalist Policarpo Júnior of Veja magazine.

Santos also said that Andressas asked to speak to him outside the presence of her attorney. When she persisted, the judge agreed to see her and called one of his assistants in to witness the meeting.

After 20 minutes or so, Andressa reportedly asked that the aide be sent out. «I want to speak to your about my visits to Carlos and about personal matters. I do not want my private life subjected to the scrutiny of third parties». «And so I ordered my aide out of the room,» said the judge.

Andressa then reportedly said: “Your honor, I have some good news for you. Do you know Policarpo Júnior? Carlos hired  Policarpo to create a dossier to be used against you. If you release Carlos, we will not make the dossier public.»

According to Vi O Mundo, this latest bit of news has strengthened the hand of congressional investigators eager to depose Policarpo as part of the special investigation (CPMI) into the case.

Policarpo Junior, director of the Brasília bureau of Veja magazine, will be summoned to give testimony to the CPMI investigating crimes committed by the criminal organization led by  Carlos Augusto Ramos, «Charlie Waterfall». «With these new developments, the journalist’s relationship with the criminal organization takes center state. We will discuss the summons in our first meeting», said Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP), vice-chair of the commission.

If no work comes in, I will subtitle a news report by the Record Network — R7 — on the proximity of Carlinhos and Policarpo.

On allegations of line-crossing intimacy with organized crime at Veja, I am working on the following.