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«Fire Aristegui or Else» | A Case for the CPJ

Source: Aristegui Noticias.

Above, the journalist’s radio commentary on the case from August 13.

This would be a good case for the Committee to Protect Journalists to update its position on — it has already commented on Aristegui’s previous firing.

If Larry Rohter could escape deportation from Brazil for raising the specter of presidential alcoholism — which in fact he did escape, and rightly so — then Aristegui should also not be subject to reprisals either.

The Mexican federal government conditioned the renewal of bandwidth concessions held by MVS Multivisión on the firing of journalist Carmen Aristegui after she aired a commentary about Mexican president Felipe Calderón, according to MVS Comunicaciones executive Joaquín Vargas.

“Javier Lozano told us that the president and his wife were aware of the proposal he was making to us. During his presentation, Lozano was explicit: «He said they were aware of the merits of our proposal for the 2.5 GHz spectrum, but that if we rehired Aristegui, our  project would end up in the shitter and we could forget government support for the rest of Calderon’s term», Vargas said.

«In the shitter»: «Se lo lleva a la chingada»

The government’s decision to “buy back” or “redeem” the  2.5 Ghz spectrum, announced on August 8, was “both wrong and profoundly costly to Mexico,» he said. Varga characterized the government decision as «a narbitrary act affecting our legitimate rights as a concession-holder.

In a press conference held to explain its position on the non-renewal of 42 concessions held by MVS, Vargas said the decision was made months ago, but that when the action was made public, «we founds ourselves in direct negotiations with the federal government»

Vargas claimed that the federal government had taken it upon itself to «disrupt traffic by blocking access by vehicles,» given that its broadband services offer users that are half the price and double the speed.

The complete text of the press conference is here.