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Bob Fernandes of Terra Magazine on Sambodian Municipal Elections

More exercises in subtitling and vlogging of local political newsflow for the Greater Sambodian Metropoitian Area — S. Paulo, Brazil.

The rise from obscurity of Celso Russomanno is a phenomenon I have yet to understand, although some of his opponents criticize him for aligning himself with IURD, a prominent and very wealthy protestant denomination in the «theology of prosperity» mold. The church owns the nationwide Globo rivals Rede Record and Record News.

Bob Fernandes of Terra Magazine, featured here, is among the most clear-sighted and useful guides to the perplexed gringos among Brazilian journalists — he should hire me to help him localize his content pra inglês ver.

Another interesting snippet of news today is the initial numbers on campaign spending by the three leading candidates.

The PT has spent almost R$ 18 million against half that by the PSDB, with minimal spending by the leading candidate, Russomano — he is said to have spent less than 10% of Haddad’s budget.

And in fact, the Haddad for Mayor Web site and social networking presence is formidable and state of the art — worthy, and also strongly reminiscent of, Blue State Digital and Movements.org.

Note to self: compare screenshots and Ctl-U source code to evaluate the anxiety of influence.

I had been preparing a news reel of electioneering and election reporting — I am learning to use Kdenlive — but had trouble with the audio on some of the videos. Haddad unfortunately does not subtitle his videos for the hearing impaired.

And so I present José Serra’s most recent video, in which the former mayor explains why he did not serve out his previous term as mayor — a variant of the «Leftist Party X is a clear and present authoritarian threat to Country Y» argument seen in a number of other center-right campaigns in Latin America in the last decade.

Serra: «I had to prevent the PT from taking over the state». This is a curious argument from a presidential candidate who lost to the PT twice, resoundingly.

I cannot say I understand the internal politics of the PSDB that well, but I ask you: Could not Andrea Matarazzo have run and won against Mercadante? As Bob Fernandes recounts in his analysis, São Paulo is a Solid Southeast that tips reliably 60-40 against the PT. …