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Alexsandro do Nascimento | GARRA Shooting Witness Surfaces

Dateline: Sambodia. Update on a downtown martial arts instructors who appears to have been executed for existing while black.

Source: 180graus | Folha de S. Paulo

The principal witness to the killing of jiu-jitsu instructor Alexsandro do Nascimento, 41, who was killed by Sâo Paulo state judicial police on the night of September 6, says the man was brutally murdered for no reason while offering no resistance.

Remember that name, because in the scheme of things, it is likely to be last you ever hear of it. It will not wind up on Wikipedia like Amadou Diallo.

According to the witness, three GARRA officers involved in the incident lied when they said the martial arts instructor had drugs on his person and fired a gun at them.

The young woman, 17, who asked not to be identified, says she was talking with Nascimento and another three persons when the police rolled up to the alley by the vertical slum where the victim lived, in Cambuci, downtown São Paulo.

Police were reportedly responding to a tip involving the crack trade in the area.

Fearing reprisals, the young woman says she is not yet sure whether she will report to the police to give a statement.

She said that she was pistol-whipped during the incident.

“The policeman came up to him and knocked him down, brutally. He made him put his hands on his head and said, «You’re not a working man, you’re a drug dealer, you have a record.» He stepped on his head as well,” the young woman told the Folha de S. Paulo.

According to this witness, Nascimento was hit by the first bullet as he tried to run away.

“With the first shot, Sandro tried to get out of the line of fire. The second shot just grazed him. The third shot knocked him face down on the ground, and then the policeman fired three more times. ”

According to the police and the hospital to which the man was taken, he died of three gunshot wounds.

In the back, it is to be understood.

Because the case involves potential wrongdoing by police, it has been assigned to the homicide division (DHPP) and the internal affairs division of the state judicial police. The officers involved were taken off the streets and reassigned to administrative duties while investigations proceed.

The state public safety secretariate said that Nascimento has no criminal record.

Below, a Toughest Cops episode, narrated by that British action hero actor and featuring São Paulo’s GARRA.

All hail the infotainment police state. The group even has its own video game:

As to the GARRA group assigned to the anti-narcotics DENARC and organized crime DEIC, it is hard to forget that DEIC and DENARC officers blackmailed the expatriate Colombian drug lord Abadia rather than arresting him.

As he was being extradited to the U.S., the man commented that if São Paulo really wanted to crack down on drugs, the first step would be to dissolve DENARC.