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Police Corruption | Betrayal in Itaquaquecetuba

Organized crime is tracking S. Paulo military police to their homes and killing them, reportedly in retaliation for the death of faction members or for welshing on deals sealed with a bribe.

The PCC criminal organization is reportedly angry, among other things, at the not guilty verdict afforded three troopers who shot, killed and tortured one of its members.

Police were recently successful in warning a ROTA member — an elite unit of the military police — of a pending assassination captured on a wiretap.

São Paulo – Military police internal affairs is investigating whether confidential information was leaked from the 35th battalion in Itaquaquecetuba.

Police suspect that personal data on troopers, such as phone numbers and addressees, were passed along or perhaps even sold to organized crime. Internal affairs has launched an investigation into the case.

According to Veja magazine, the data was made public on a Facebook page.

The confidential contact information, used to summon police in case of emergency, was shared by criminals on a Facebook page. In a press release, state police reported finding an apocryphal list on the social network bearing the names of police agents. Police said there was no evidence of payment for the list. During an operation in the Paraisopolis shantytown, in the Southern Zone of S. Paulo, police found a list of 40 police apparently marked for death. The government confirmed that a standing order to kill PMs was found at the location.

On Monday night (13 November) another military police trooper was murdered in  Guarulhos, which witnessed three murders and six attempted murders between Sunday and the following Monday. This attack brings to 94 the number of PMs murdered in the state this year..The toll is quite a bit higher than the police fatality toll for 2011 as a whole, which was 56. The PM murdered yesterday, Edgar Lavado, 43, worked in  PM internal affairs. He was shot as he returned home around 9:00 p.m. officials say

Levado was taken to Alvorada Hospital but was dead on arrival. Witnesses say he was approached by three men in a silver-colored car, who fired and then fled the scene.

Federal justice minister José Eduardo Cardozo said on Wednesday during a visit to São Paulo that border control operations would begin shortly and will target the drug trade in the state. This is one of the measures agreed upon by state and federal governments in response to the wave of violence in São Paulo.

Cardozo said the state borders will have reinforced inspections, as will the port of Santos and the airports. A joint operation by state and federal highway patrols, federal police, state military and judicial police, the Força Nacional, the tax authority and the federal treasury will target points of vulnerability of drug and weapons importers.