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Rio | New Man With Plan For Van

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Black-market van stuffed with 10 armed, black-clad corpses, December 2007, Rio

Source:  R7.

On December 5. Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes announced the creation of a special office of supplementary public transportation, led by state judicial police official Cláudio Ferraz, former commander of the anti-organized crime bureau that has pursued the militias of Rio.

The alternative van service racket is one of many money-making schemes of criminal paramilitary organizations, made up of policemen, jail guards, and soldiers, especially in the Western Zone.

Moto taxis serving areas where vans cannot reach are also very popular. 

Cláudio Ferraz has served the state judicial police for 19 years. He is also the co-author of the book Elite Squad  2,  on which the film Elite Squad  2 – The Enemy Within, starring Wagner Moura, was based.

Ferraz says attempts were made to remove him from DRACO when the book came out.

In the course of his police career, Ferraz spent quite a bit of time in the anti-kidnapping group, but it was not until he took the helm of DRACO that he began moving against the paramilitary groups. The investigations he oversaw were read into the report of the parliamentary commission of inquiry | CPI of the Militias in the state assembly, ALERJ.

Elite Squad 2 ends with Nascimento testifying before a similar CPI: «Mr. Chairman, I am here to tell you that at least half of the elected legislators present here today belong in prison.» The characters are based rather obviously on real-life figures: Itagiba, Freixo, Wagner Monte, Garotinho …

Targeted with death threats for locking up police, Claudio Ferraz was also involved in a controversial incident with the state judicial police chief, Allan Turnowski. Ferraz was accused of corruption, but investigations revealed that the documents used to found the charge were phony.


The scene in which the state secretary of public safety orders the suspension of wiretaps at a critical moment in the investigation is reflected by similar actions taken by Turnowski against Ferraz.

Ferraz was investigated for allegedly taking a R$1 million bribe, but the charge did not stick.

“Coincidence or not, in early January — 2011 — the chief of the judicial police issued an order transferring all active wire taps to a special unit known as CINPOL — Police Intelligence Coordinator — most likely in order to be informed beforehand of  ongoing operations,” Ferraz said.