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Listings to the Left | Carta Capital Under Fire

m mineiro

Source: Comunique-se

Carta Capital magazine stands accused by the state’s attorney of Minas Gerais of forging a document used to illustrate articles on the so-called «monthly payola of the PSDB» … The infraction alleged by the magazine was supposedly committed during the reelection campaign of Minas governor Eduardo Azeredo (PSDB) in 1998.

Isto É magazine — above — also reported on documentary evidence in the case, in a September cover story The document in question is sometimes called the «Lista de Mourão» after its mentor, Cláudio Roberto Mourão da Silveira.

In a press release, the state prosecutor states that “on December 3 of 2012, the editors of Carta Capital were served with Notice No. 108/2012-SCI-PGJ, informing the magazine’s senior editors of the falsehood of information published in the article in question, “Return to the origins,” in the November 14 edition.

The article, written by Leandro Fortes, states that the former governor and current federal deputy withdrew more than R$100 million from state-owned firms and passed the funds to politicians and judges, most of them linked to the PSDB,  as well as to media companies.

The list included the name of Supreme Court justice Gilmar Mendes, former presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Goiás governor Marconi Perillo (PSDB).

According to Fortes, this scheme to skim money from the public coffers was much worse than the «monthly payola» of the PSDB’s rival, the PT.

“For those who have watched the trial in the Supreme Court, with its innovative doctrine of «de facto dominion» and its guilty verdicts based on subjective intuitions, the «Toucan payola» will prove even more shocking thanks to the presence of something sorely lacking in the current case: inequivocal and decisive proof.

Dominio do fato is a controversial legal doctrine under which hierarchical superiors can be held responsible for bad acts by subordinates, even when demonstrably unaware of such acts For instance, the central player in the «PT payola» scheme was found guilty without any evidence of bad acts on his part. The judges reasoned that given his position, he must have or should have known of the scheme. The German legal scholar who authored the concept has appeared in a handful of interviews questioning its use in this case.

Coordinator of CAORIM, the Center for the Operational Support of Criminal Prosecutors, Joaquim José Miranda Júnior filed a police report with the Belo Horizonte Forgery and Fraud division, charging CC with journalistic fraud, The state’s attorney of Minas Gerais claims the document bears a forged signature of prosecutor Adriano Estrela, suggesting that the underlying sources of the story were “forged” and “inauthentic.”

On holiday, Leandro Fortes told Comunique-se he knows nothing about the accusation by the MP-MG.

Jornal da Mídia adds:

The lista … was produced by a known forger, who did jail time long before creating the list in question. The document is registered in the notary office and its signatures notarized. It contains gross errors, such as describing the alleged beneficiaries as holding offices they would not hold until several years after the registered date of the “document.”

Carta Capital replies immediately with the following op-ed.

I have been reading here and there that the Minas Gerais prosecutor is accusing this magazine of forging documents in the case of the «Toucan payola . I repeat: we have been accused by the MP of creating and publishing false documents from a law suit, according to reports on the Internet. The author of this serious accusation will have to back his words with evidence in a court of law.

As to the Web sites that hastened to spread this “information,” without contacting us for comment, I would like to repeat that CC does not publish police records or forged documents, does not accuse without evidence to back it, does not transform corrupt politicians into paragons of public morality  does not transform a wadded up piece of paper into a brick, does not associate with racketeers like Carlinhos Cachoeira and does not use the services of black bag, private-sector intelligence operators — who have become the true “investigative reporters” of Brasília.

The pejorative description reflects Mino Carta’s contempt for the contemporary Veja magazine, a magazine he founded in mid-1968.

The reference to a wadded-up piece of paper refers to a political propaganda set piece used during the last presidential election. Passing through a poorer  neighborhood in Rio, the candidate was struck on the head by a wadded-up flier thrown by a union member.

The mainstream press turned the incident into an exemplar of how vicious and violent government supports are. It really was absurd, and yielded quickly to online mockery.

We do not belong to this club, and this attempt to lump us with in the others is pathetic  We do not practice the journalism of the sewers.

As to the  «Toucan payola» document, like the Furnas list before it, it is once again self-evident how much political power is being brought to bear on the effort to undermine its credibility.

This time around, however, the participation of the MP of Minas is impressive. The  Furnas List was also described as a phony. Former governor Azeredo continues to use this argument — that the list is a forgery — in response to documents that describe how the «pipeline» operated in his back yard.

One faction of the “fair and independent media” simply parrots Azeredo to see if it can make the forgery theory stick. But a report by the federal police criminalistic lab has proven that the list was not tampered with and that the signatures are authentic.

The report by Leandro Fortes, as usual, was based on documents received from trusted sources, including participants in the lab experiments that ripened into the slush fund laundering scheme developed for the PSDB by  Marcos Valério de Souza, later used by the PT. We are absolutely confident in our reporting..

The original report ran in Issue No. 723,, November 11, 2012.

Furnas List

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Mourão List

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