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F&A | Ruy Moura’s Breakfast Reading


It has always surprised me that Brazil’s gargantuan and complex business ecosystem   seems unable to produce something along the lines of Dealb%k — an exemplary use of that in-the-moment blog format that keeps readers checking in periodically throughout the day, rather than simply reading it once through and lining the parakeet page with the leftovers.

The business pages of the major Brazilian dailies are heavy on macroeconmic trends, market movements, and the like — stuff you can cover sitting on your ass in front of a Bloomberg Box —  but very light on hard business stories with real protagonists and consequences: Company X overcomes Problem A to accomplish Objective 1.1, or Bank C offers Subsidiary Z to Company Y for X gazillions.

Only the largest economic groups and deals get such coverage, which is not much use to the venture cap, hedge fund or M&A guys who fish a smaller pond — and whose activities are newsworthy themselves, to boot.

So, then, a Brazilian Dealb%k?

The plain old Blogspot Fusões & Aquisições is a step in the right direction, although I  wish it would publish a masthead and take itself seriously as a journalistic source.

Its principal analyst — its only analyst, it seems — appears to be Ruy Moura, founder of Acquisitions Consultora Empresarial Ltda.

Moura’s daily clipping file has climbed to the top of my breakfast reading list, along with the planning ministry’s clipping of various media sources, broken down by topic and searchable.

I think there is a substantial editorial market for the Dealb%k style of coverage.

The only potential competitor I can think of in the Brazilian editorial market is Relatório Reservado, a one-page tip sheet circulating daily to a private circle of subscribers and relying heavily on market rumors.

Exame magazine has a deal flow blog that is useful to check in on as well.

This is the sort of story I find myself missing: 

Group 1 Automotive to buy Brazilian UAB Motors

Group 1 will pay US$47 million in cash and 1.45  million of its own shares, valued at US$ 145.6 million, for the Brazilian firm UAB Motors.

The fourth-largest of auto concessionaires in the U.S., Group 1 Automative, announced it had reached a deal to acquire 100% of Brazilian auto retailer UAB Motors Participações for US$ 47 million in cash and 1.45 shares of Group 1, worth  US$ 145.6 million.

The deal is designed to help the U.S. company to expand. Group 1, which will also assume US$ 62 million in debt held by UAB, said the deal should have a modest effect on profits, adding US$ 0.03 to US$ 0.05 to its earnings per share in 2013.

The deal, set to close on February 28, encompasses 18 auto retailers and depends on two regulatory approvals. Among the concessionares acquired, two sell Toyota, four sell Nissans, two sell BMWs, another two sell BMW-Mini, three sell  Renault, three sell Peugeot, one sells  Land Rover and another sells Land Rover and Jaguar. COmbined, these showrooms earn an annual  US$ 650 million.

The variety of cars you see on the Sambodian streets has always amazed me: everything from Ford and Chevy to Asian tigers and Eurobodies. Even the Red Chinese are here.

I have a secret crush, as a matter of fact, on the Peugeot 306, but my wife is a diehard believer in the excellent value of the homegrown VW Gol.


And while we are on the subject: have you ever noticed how closely the business pages of a certain  group of global newspapers online resemble one another in terms of information architecture, visual design, and coverage planning?