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São Paulo | Omnibus Man & The New Hacktivism


Autor: Luis Nassif
Coluna Econômica
Translation: C. Brayton

The decision by São Paulo Mayor Haddad to cancel the auction of bus concessions, establish a commission and open up the books of the public transport sector will offer for the very first time a glimpse inside the darkest black box in the system: public transport.

Background facts from G1 Globo:

São Paulo mayor Fernando Haddad announced on Wednesday, during an interview with SPTV, a series of measures for the city’s public transport system, saying he would cancel the public tender for bus companies that have provided the city with bus service for the last 15 years. The contracts are worth an estimated R$ 46 billion over the life of the concession, more than the annual city budget of R$ 42 billion.

The measure is praised by commentator Luis Nassif, a well-known proponent of data-driven journalism based on freedom of information.

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