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Globo | A Whisper of Warning to Whistleblowers


Source: CMI Brasil

We register here Globo’s official response to accusations of tax evasion based on official documents obtained by a freelance investigative reporter. An attempt was allegedly made to “disappear” the documents in the case and a civil servant filmed performing the disappearance was fired, prosecuted and sentenced to four years.


Globo Organizations published an official note on July 1 in which it categorically denies [allegedly] false reports circulating on the Internet regarding a debt owed to the federal tax authority as part of Globo’s purchase of broadcast rights to the World Cup. The note states that the amounts paid relative to this matter have already been paid.

The note in its entirety:

Contrary to what has been published by certain Web sites, the Globo Organizations have no pending debt with the tax authority or other tax collecting agencies. Like any large corporation, it constantly faces pending tax claims  … We can, however, relate that none of these current debts refer to the acquisition of broadcasting rights to the World Cup. As we have already informed you, the sums relating to that transaction have been paid. As to the publication of records whose confidentiality is protected by law, we believe that the matter will be seen to by the competent authorities.

Do we detect a whispered word of warning to would-be whistleblowers?