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Falsified Factoids? | TV Globo

How many times, in recent weeks, has Globo presented falsified protests against the government when it was unable to obtain genuine footage?

Between anarchists, provocateurs, and a myriad of other protagonists with agenda more or less well defined, the Sambodian Street is hard to read.  Even live TV coverage, where journalists of the mainstream media have met with hostility, is unreliable, for reasons explained by Edu Guimarães.

Source: Blog da Cidadania.

Although this incredible video — reproduced above — began circulating on the social networks late Thursday, July 12, it is important to comment more thoroughly on what makes it so astonishing.

Accusations that Globo tried to cheat the Lion (tax authority) of a modest R$ 600 million have been contested by the “ethicals” who constantly accuse criticisms by the political party on which the network has declared war as “exaggerated,” arguing that the fiscal fraud in question was merely a common business practice to avoid higher taxes.

In Brazil, our degenerate upper and middle classes make use of euphemisms to describe what in civilized nations would be considered a crime and put people in jail: tax evasion. What the video shows is that the incident cannot be minimized even by the most poker-faced entity in the galaxy.

Last Thursday, during a demonstration by labor syndicates on the Avenida Paulista, the director of Rede Brasil Atual, Paulo Salvador, caught Globo reporters practicing the most antijournalistic behavior of all: falsifying facts in order to fill out their “reporting.”

Yes, that was exactly what it was: in the context of Globo’s war on the Rousseff government, a reporting team from TV Globo headed out onto the Paulista during the union rally and tried to fabricate a protest against the president.  The reporter carried placards with anti-Dilma messages and asked demonstrators to hold them up while they filmed.

The video shows the moment when Salvador confronts the Globo team after witnessing the fraud.  There was even some preliminary pushing and shoving. The Globo team, composed of rough-looking “reporters” who looked more like club bouncers, seemed ready to take on the reporter who had caught them in the act.

Other demonstrators, however, soon perceived that trouble was brewing and began to chant anti-Globo slogans, which obliged the authors of the attempted fraud to leave the locations.

What would be important to find out now is how many times, in recent weeks, Globo presented falsified protests against the government when it was unable to obtain genuine footage.  Also important is to learn whether the attempt to produce a fraudulent video was the result of orders from above or  just an attempt by the “reporters” to please their masters.

Have a look, above, at the latest flagrant example in a long list of frauds that explain how the Marinhos built an empire as enormous and wealthy as the Organizações Globo.