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«No To Veja in The Classroom»

Estrutura Acionária Site_PORT

Source: Diário do Centro do Mundo.

The Education division of the Editora Abril has a strategic problem.

The Civita family at the opening of the stock market, 2011.

A reader of this Diário recently commented as follows: “I would never allow a child of mine to study in a school [using educational materials supplied by] Abril.”

I had recently read the story of the acquisition of yet another school by Abril, in a transaction strategically vital to the company. With its magazine business, the traditional source of its considerable fortune, waning rapidly, Abril is focusing on education.

And lobbying hard to influence educational standards required by the federal ministry of education. 

The point my reader was making was that he did not want his children exposed to the world view of Veja magazine — not only because it is conservative but because it is distorted and often cynical.

The reader raises a point that might someday throw a wrench into Abril’s plans in the field of  education. A significant  number of parents would not want their children “educated” indirectly by Veja.

One can see why.

Imagine your child attending a class on the recent demonstrations, …

As a symbol of the demonstrations, Veja selects Maycon Freitas, an extremist who writes on his Facebook page that “the only good bandit is a dead bandit” and violently rejects any argument based on human rights.

Freitas was interviewed for the «yellow pages» interview, introduced as “a voice that is emerging from the streets.”

Here we have some random crazy who hitched a ride on the mobilization skills of the MPL — Free Pass Movement — but who according to Veja commanded thousands of Rio protestors in a march of his own.

Rejecting this factoid is a simple matter of confirming what took place when the MPL left the field and Freitas began calling for a “March of Families Against Communism.”

This march was attended by 36 pessoas, according to a reliable count.

This may seem like an isolated case, but what parent would want their child to run the risk of learning about the reality of the protests from Veja magazine?

At a school run by Abril, this is a real possibility.

Recall the years when, prior to its violent right-hand turn, Veja was obligatory reading for young persons interested in current  events as part of their studying for entrance exams.

In another piece on the recent protests, the magazine ran other stories not suitable for children.

Two of these stand out.

In one,  Marco Antônio Villa said that the young persons of the MPL were “sociologically irrelevant.” In an article with sixteen bullet point questions on the protests … Villa failed to answer even one correctly.

Even so, he continues publishing erroneous journalism on Veja – and on Globonews programs — without any ill effects, a notable case of ideology-driven impunity.

In another article from Veja, former PR man Neil Ferreira called on the police to “shoot” the demonstrators ” on sight.” “Terror is to be met with terror,” he wrote.

Veja is enormously important to the Abril group, and therefore it is hardly paranoid to imagine the magazine polluting the group’s educational materials.

Imagine that Reinaldo Azevedo is invited to lecture on politics, or that his book are recommended to students.

It is not unimaginable that Tio Rei could be read with critical acumen. After all, speech is free.

And so, again, Abril faces a strategic issue in its education division, given the highly negative profile of its flagship newsweekly, Veja.

Either the publishing group will labor mightily to improve this image — which will require the magazine to avoid such absurdities as the Maycon Freitasi interview — or its ambitions in the area of education will be compromised.

Perhaps Abril has already come to the same conclusion.

If not, …

Yes, yes but the same could not be said, for example, of Abril’s premier business title, Exame, or other titles. Playboy Brasil is a faithful clone of Playboy, as Claudia is of its gringo congeners. The problem is the company’s vertical near-monopoly on printed matter …