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Outside Agitators or Militia? | Rio


From Black Block Brasil Facebook Page, 2,500 liked

Item: G1 |  Cabral attributes Rio vandalism to international groups — a measure not taken, however, until July 22.

Rio de Janeiro governor  Sérgio Cabral yesterday explained the difficulty encountered by state police in combating acts of vandalism during protests in the city, charging that the violence is being provoke by international groups.

Cabral held a press conference today — July 10 — at the governor’s palace in Laranjeiras, in the Southern Zone, to discuss the creation of a special commission of acts of violence during public demonstrations. The commission will be created by decree on Monday, July 22.

“These popular manifestations differ from others in that they confront police. It used to be that we had no social networks. We know now that international organizations stimulate vandalism using these networks.” Cabral said the creation of a commission is designed to unify and expedite investigations of vandals and provocateurs, facilitating the work of police and the courts.

According to the Folha de S. Paulo this morning, Rio police may be busier trying to handle domestic street fighting men:

Allies of Cabral see a series of errors in negotiations with demonstrators who occupy the front door of his home in Leblon. The principal error was allowing the demonstrators to retreat, which only gave them the opportunity to reorganize. In a bid to correct this error, the government organized the identification of criminals engaged in the protests. Police intelligence have allegedly detected the infiltration of the movement by ex-police with ties to militia.

Leaving the militia problem as an afterthought is typical of the governor, although state public safety secretary Beltrame has made some significant inroads into busting these protection racketeering black marketeers and hit squads for hire.


The governor added that a concerned President Rousseff telephoned him on Thursday to offer assistance with the policing of International Youth Day. Cabral thanked Dilma for the offer, refused the assistance and confirmed the scheduling of an event honoring Pope Francis at the governor’s palace.

“The pope’s visit to the Guanabara Palace is confirmed, along with the president, vice-president and at least 8 governors. The pope will be received with love, respect and dignity in Rio, by catholics as well as followers of other religions, atheists and agnosticss. He will be greated with open arms, like the arms of Cristo Redentor …”

Top headline in the Folha is that the Pope will ride in an open car through areas marred by violent protests.

Even with the encampments and protests on his own doorstep and the July 17 outbreak of vandalism in Leblon, Cabral says he will continue to live in the upscale neighborhood.

“I lived there with my family before my election and I plan to stay. The Laranjeiras Palace (which can be used as the governor’s official residence) is being restored and should be ready sometime next year,” said Cabral.

Cabral is a consummate carioca, his father having edited the remarkable humor magazine O Pasquim.

State Government and Police Commission on Vandalism

… creation of a special commission comprising police and the state prosecutor, which will investigate persons responsible for vandalism during the protests, and the conduct of police as well.

“It is already organized. Tomorrow (Friday, 19 July) the operational details will be hashed out. The commission will look into pending cases and discover the origins of these persons, where they come from, how they are financed, who is behind them. We can also continue arresting those without arrest records in flagrante delicto,” he said.

The use of plainclothes police as provocateurs that oblige the regulars to escalate violence has been mentioned but not thoroughly discussed. A PM, for example, is shown bashing in the windshield of his patrol car. Did he attribute the damage to demonstrators? With all the confusion going on, we may never know.