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“Denarc Cops Run R$ 2 Million Extortion Scheme”

Along with the time-honored perp walk, the official flashing of the stash

Along with the time-honored perp walk, the official flashing of the stash

Source: Estado de S. Paulo | Brasilianas.Org.

The drug trade paid up to R$  2 million to police

Prosecutor’s report reveals acts of  extortion by Denarc agents.

The alleged extortion scheme targeting drug dealers in Campinas, in inland São Paulo, investigated by the state prosecutor (MP) may have yielded as much as R$ 2 million, in a single year, to agents of Denarc, the state police anti-drug division.

This is what is claimed by a report delivered to the MP, which last week jailed nine state judicial policemen — four more are currently fugitives. In the more than 400 pages of the document, prepared by GAECO — the anti-corruption division — the group used torture, death threats, and home invasions and stole money and drugs to extort R$ 300,000 from a dealer in Campinas.

Unaware that the cell phone he possessed — illegally –inside prison, the kidnapper  Wanderson Nilton de Paula Lima, aka Andinho, chief of the local drug trade, tells a colleague about the acts of extortion to which dealer Agnaldo Aparecido da Silva Simão, aka Codorna, was subjected .

“Walrus Hand” — an alias used by Andinho  — “says on a police wiretap that since that New Year’s Day, New Hand (aka Codorna) had lost more than R$ 2 million. Codorna, accused of acting as Andinho’s right hand man in the São Fernando shantytown drug trade, wound up being kidnapped on April 11, at his home. Investigations indicate that the police took his wife, his 5-year-old daughter and a sister-in-law with a 4-year-old daughter.

The police accused in the case worked out of the Third Precinct of the Special Support Division of Denarc, under the command of  Fábio do Amaral Alcântara, who has also been jailed temporarily.

The drug trafficker and his family members were released after paying a ransom of R$ 200,000 on April 12, at a gas station in the city of  Valinhos. “The police demanded that I get R$500,000 together in return for freeing everyone,” says Codorna.

According to the report, after conducting illegal searches on the streets, the police tortured the accomplices of the drug lord, throughout February and March. “Various Denarc officers began to act in that region, where theywere able to approach and detain members of the Andinho gang, along with family members of other criminals and even some persons with no relation to the scheme at all.”

“The police took us to the parking lot of a an  Extra Abolição hypermarket, “said Codorna, in a statement to Gaeco. They were then taken to a cabin in a neighboring town and held until the following day. After releasing the wife and daughter, the policemen took Codorna to São Paulo. They roamed the streets of the metropolis for hours until the ransom was paid. In

In the invasion of his house, police allegedly stole R$ 30,000 from a drawer in the couple’s bedroomi, according to Codorna’s wife,, Eliane Cristina Souza. She picked policemen  Silvio Cesar de Carvalho Videira, aka Pequeno, Leonel Rodrigues Santos and Daniel Dreyer Bazzan — the three fugitives — out of a line-up.

“A short time before they let me go, the police said they would return the following year . And the fact is, these cops really do return every year to receive their extortion money,” Codorna told the MP. His wife said it was the  third time they had been caught by the Denarc officers.