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Globo and the Missing R$ 600 Million


Source: Hoje em Dia | Viomundo

By: Amaury Ribeiro Jr. and Rodrigo Lopes

Synopsis: Does Globo owe the tax man R$ 600 million? It says it has paid up, but does not produce the relevant document. A woman was arrested and convicted of removing documents related to this and other cases from the tax authority offices.

Globopar, a company with ties to TV Globo, has had part of its bank accounts blocked due to an active debt of  R$ 178 million with the federal tax authority. According to documents obtained by from the federal  court in Rio de Janeiro, the debt, which is listed on the register of federal tax debtors, stemmed from various acts of tax evasion.

At the request of the tax authority prosecutor’s office in Rio, the accounts of Infoglobo and Globo Limitada were also blocked, but the Marinho brothers – Roberto Irineu, José Roberto and João Roberto – sued successfully to unblock the funds of the latter two companies last month.

Globopar’s debt, however, is still listed in the registry of federal tax debtors … Last week, Globo succeeded in delaying the transfer of its assets to the national treasury until legal action is concluded.

Hoje em Dia also had access to the invesigation into the disappearance of a case file on tax avoidance during the purchase of broadcast rights to World Cup 2002 by Globo.

A document referred by the tax authority to the court in 2010 proves that, contrary to what the broadcaster says, the R$ 600 million debt was never paid. The paperwork also proves the Federal Public Ministry — the federal prosecutor — upon being advised of money laundering by Globo and Fifa, did not follow protocol. 

Rather than asking the federal police to investigate, the FPM preferred to issue a finding that no illegal transactions were carried out in the Virgin Islands. A criminal investigation of the Marinho brothers was filed, but this case, too, disappeared from the premises of the tax authority.

As if this were not confusing enough, Globopar has continued avoiding taxes. Continued like never before. In the last two years, the company has been notified 776 times by the tax authority for tax evasion.

…  To knowledgeable persons, Globopar is clearly a persistent tax evader.

The Ministry of Communications of the Dilma government and other absentminded political leaders have approved payment to a company that owes a substantial debt to the federal union, which constitutes an act of administrative improbity. The release of these funds can be verfied on the Web site of the Treasury Ministry.

The authors refer to the spending of tax money on paid advertising for government programs.