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“Testimony of Military Police Contradicts Official Version of Protestor Arrest”


A follow-up to

Headline: Testimony of Military Police Contradicts Official Version of Protestor Arrest

As Luciano Martins Costa noted in that essay, press treatment of police operations has grown more and more critical recently, and police officials are furious about it.

The Globo empire, for example, is curiously fascinated with the story of last Monday’s clash between police P-2 and the streetfighting men of whoever those masked avengers turn out to be.

The primetime news program Jornal Nacional ran a segment on the incident last evening and followed up in print today with an enormous above the fold headline, even ast he New York Times runs a remarkably skilled and detailed story of its own.

The carioca daily uses the story of Bruno, a young demonstrator, to suggest that police are lying about the events of that night.

True to form, it has found itself a poster child and launched a campaign to undermine public faith in  Rio police  — perhaps because of the paper’s political opposition to the Governor.

Source: O Globo.

RIO – A statement by one of the police officers who arrested  Bruno Ferreira Teles, 25, on Monday evening on Rua Pinheiro Machado Street, em Laranjeiras, contradicts the official line the military polie have maintained concerning the protester. Accused of hurling a molotov cocktail at police, Bruno was arrested on the scene for possession of an explosive artifact and contempt of police authority. The statement, which aired on TV Globo’s “Jornal Nacional”, contradicts official statements by the military and state judicial police.

According to Globo journalists, the police announced that molotov cocktail had been apprehended with the student, although the two police forces could not agree on the  number of explosive devices the young man had. The police office who made the arrest, however, say that no molotov cocktails were seized. He says that an unidentified person had launched the first bomb. Immediately thereafter a second bomb was lit and handed to Bruno, who launched the device. According to the JN, a prosecutor from the Public Ministry is analyzing the demonstrator’s case and will make a decision by next Monday.

On Monday night, hours before the violence broke out, the PM announced on its official Twitter account that 20 molotov cocktails had been discovered in the possession of one demostrator.

Minutes later, a new twit: Two persons had been arrested, one for possession of explosives and the other for failure to respect authority.

Around midnight, the state judicial police — Polícia Civil –announced the seizure of 11 molotov cocktails. According to the Polícia Civil, two arrests had been made, a minor was take into custody and five persons were cited.

In the same note, Bruno Ferreira Teles was described as the only person arrested for possession of explosives and was also charted with contempt. On Tuesday morning, the PM repeated, in an official statement , that 20 molotov cocktails were apprehended with the suspects.

Bruno spent the night in jail. The judge on duty that evening denied a petition to release him. The judge ruled that according to the police who arrested him, the student had resisted arrest and committed a bodily assault. The magistrate added that Bruno had allegedly punched  a police officer in the neck and scratched him with his nails,  proving that a crime had been committed.

The same day, the president of the anti-vandalism commission created by the Rio state government  do Rio para investigar o vandalismo em manifestações, Eduardo Lima Neto, said the MP will indict the suspect for attempted murder.

— If you throw a cocktail at a group of people, the PM, or whoever, you are assuming the risk of killing someone —  Lima Neto told the JN .

On Tuesday morning, attorneys for the protest obtained a writ of habeas corpus. In his decision, appeals judge  Paulo de Oliveira Lanzelloti Baldez said that Bruno had no explosive devices with him and that the in flagrante delicto arrest lacked any “apt and concrete” foundation.

Bruno conceded an interview with the Mídia Ninja group and appealed to protesters with video of the incident to post it online.

— This was the first time they made us run away. At that moment, things were tense and they got everybody running around. I ask for your help to retrieve the video of me running from police, who arrested me and said I had a molotov cocktail, which I did not — he told the  Mídia Ninja reporter.

Following this request, a video was posted to the social networks. In it, Bruno is seen in the upper righthand corner of the screen. His hands look empty and he is not wearing a backpack. A policeman and a man in a black T-shirt pursue  him. The amateur videographer runs to keep up with the scene: further along, the student falls to the ground. At nearly the same moment, a bomb goes off beside him. A policeman uses his taser on Bruno’s chest and Bruno appears to pass out. The video ends with the student being carroed away by police.

In other images, Bruno is shown standing up, shirtless, s urrounded bypolice , and wearing a metal [bulletproof] vest on his chest. One of the police accuse him:

— It was him that threw the first molotov.

One PM asks another:

— Who was he arrested by?

The second PM says that P-2 — the PM’s intel  division  — had custody of the young man. The term P-2 is used to call plainclothes police officers who work undercover.

Another question raided by the arrest of Bruno has to do with the backpack he supposedly used to carry explosives.

An image from one of the videos shows the moment at which poilice discover a bag full of molotov cocktails. The location at which the footage was shot is 700m from where Bruno was arrested. Images taken by a Globo camera operator show that, prior to the outbreak of hostilities, the young man had no backpack.

— I do not have a backpack. I  believe that because I came forward and talked a lot as a witness, they marked my face for arrest. Also, I did not wear a mask, I saw no reason to up until things started going wrong  — Bruno, told Mídia Ninja.