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Abril and Anti-Ideological Education: A Note


Source: Brasilianas

[Veja magazine columnist] Reinaldo Azevedo wrote an article in 2008 titled “Towards a school without a party,” in which he commented on an article in the magazine that had mocked a professor for questioning the logic of capitalism during a class session.

Now, in 2013, Veja has been ordered to pay this same teacher R$ 80,000 for having published an article based on “distorted facts, taken out of context.”

What is worrisome about this is that Abril, which publishes Veja, is investing heavily in the education market, buying one educational company after another.

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Can it be that they really aspire to “schools without a party,” or would it be more accurate to call them “fascist schools”?

I have not read any of the materials in question, but without throwing insulting names around, I can easily imagine the publisher doing a brisk business in Ayn Rand.

There is even a well-designed Web site about the initiative .

The question is whether these young people who make life hellish for their parents, or spend all their income on fashionable clothes, and say they believe that Bolsa-Família recipients should not vote  — we saw several picket signs advocating this last month —  are not already indoctrinated enough — by the magazine and a variety of other media — by the capitalist point of view

Sources for this debate:

  1. Reinaldo Azevedo, 2008
  2. Article on the law suit 
  3. Article illustrating the extent of Abril’s education holdings

The result, to be honest, does not strike me as reason to celebrate — were it not for the fact that Abril itself makes frequent use of this sort of SLAPP suit  — strategic lawsuit against public participation –against its own detractors.

The most interesting aspects of these sorts of debates over curriculum design hardly ever appear in moveable type or Moveable Type — I am talking about the process of curriculum selection and development, studied in a comparative fashion.

Portuguese curriculum development is the function of the DGE, for example … In Brazil, MEC is the Big Brother of  bureaucracy and the target of heavy lobbying by publishers who seem to object to (1) diversity and (2) cultural nationalism.

The audience for Abril educational materials, for example, will likely be students at something like a charter school, if only standards and practices could be achieved that make this model lucrative to private investors.

The governmment, meanwhile, wants to spend education dollars — reais — on literacy programs guided by egalitarian assumptions.

And an end note: A fellow reader of Luis Nassif notes a youth-oriented propaganda-advertising campaign by Wise Up, an English-language school now part of the Civita empire.

 Wise Up … was a financier of the June protests on the social networks. With the support of the ex-owner of the school, AnonymousBR exhibited ithe school’s advertising videos on Facebook. It was at this point that the protests based on the Free Pass public transport subsidy veered to the right and morphed into the famous “nonpartisan” message.

As I remember the chant, it was something like: “The people, united / have no need of the State”


It takes us back to the famous Marx-Bakunin rift, in which the latter argued that anarchosyndicalist structures should supplant the state as the method of realizing socialism.