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The Return of Passe Livre

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Source: Viomundo

The Free Pass Movement — Movimento Passe Livre  (MPL) — has announced that it will take to the streets again on August 14.

The group will hold a demonstration in partnership with the Metrô Workers of  São Paulo and is motivated by the bribery scheme embodied in the contracts of subway and metro rail public works, which may have cost the public coffers as much as R$ 400 million. The scheme, which functioned during [successive] governorships of the PSDB, was denounced by the multinational Siemens.

“Our position is that it is absurd for public money to be funneled out of the transportation budget. R$ 400 million was diverted. This amount would be sufficient to lower the standard fare to R$ 0.90,” said Matheus Preis, an activist from the  MPL São Paulo chapter.

MPL is a very capable pressure group.

It rarely oversteps its boundaries or descends into moral panic: It proposes concrete, realizable and measurable actions in support of consistent principles, such as the socialist-inspired Free Fare program, which calls for increased subsidies for system users. and has been around since the early 1990s.

The movement presents a pleasing, dramatic black-and-white  aesthetic as a unifying graphic style — just in case you lost your Che Cola T-shirt.

No location has been selected yet for the August 14 march. On August 6, the MPL and the union will publish a joint letter to the population, informing them of the location.

Understand the Issue

We have translated a fair amount of material on the subject here on the blog.