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Bravo, Veja | Abril and the Cruelest Month


Source: Portal IMPRENSA.

In an internal memo sent to employees today — July 31 —  Editora Abril announced the closure of Bravo magazine. Moreoever, as IMPRENSA discovered, Bravo will not be the only publication to be closed.

So far, employees of the publication have not been fired, but there is no information on whether they will be reassigned to other Abril divisions or titles.

The officical announcement of Bravo‘s demise is due tomorrow, August 1.

Too bad. Bravo, like Exame and some feminine special-iinterest titles, was a fine publiication that acted like it cared about matters of ethics and accuracy.

A reminder:IMPRENSA reported on the restructuring of the Abril group on June10..

With the changes announced Friday, Grupo Abril completed a restructuring of its business and created a single entity out of the business units that were formerly part of Abril Mídia. Five divisions are to be included as part of this structure: The Veja Business Unit (BU), the Exame BU, the Abril Segmented BU, the New Digital Businesses BU, and the Subscription Sales BU.

Veja BU will be run by Thais Chede Soares, who will serve at the same time as general director of publicity. Exame BU will be run by Claudia Vassallo; Abril Segmentadas will be directed jointly by Helena Bagnoli, as general manager,and Claudia Giudice as superintendent-general.

New Digital Businesses BU will be led by Manoel Lemos and will consist of Alphabase, iba, Elemidia, E-commerce and an IT company investment fund . The Subscription Businesss BU will be led by Fernando Costa.

An editorial advisory body to the presidency will be staffed by Edla Müller who will continue the work of Thomas Souto Corrêa. Also created was a vice-president of operations and management, to be filled by Marcelo Bonini.

Souto Corrêa is a founding partner in the extremely influential Innovation International Media Consulting, where he currently serves as Innovation Director.  The consultancy was incubated at the Universidad de Navarra, an Opus Dei Iinstitution of higher learning. He is

Journalist. Editorial V.P. of the Editorial Committee and consultant for editorial matters in the Abril Group. Member of the association’s counseling board of the Brazilian Association of Magazine Publishers (ANER). Member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP), of which he was President.

Third Generation Foundation

The changes at Abril coincide with the assumption of leadership by a new generation of the Civita clan

Starting June 7, Victor Civita Neto is responsibile for the presidency of the Editorial Council of Abril, previously occupied by (1936-2013). Also represented on the Council are Thomaz Souto Corrêa (vice-president), Elda Müller, Fábio Colletti Barbosa, Jairo Mendes Leal and José Roberto Guzzo.

The company says the main function of the Council will be “to work toward the excellence, integrity, independence, objectivity, adequacy and editorial ethics of the Editoral Abril’s print and electronic publications,

I am unclear on this point: Is the advisory committee a new undertaking?

Victor Civita Neto


A political science grad of Columbia University, Victor Civita Neto started working at Abril em 1990, where he was responsible for the implantation of MTV Brasil …

In 1995, he assumed as TVA Programming and Production Director, successfully placing subscription TV program on networks like Bravo, Bravo Brasil, CMT Brasil and Euro-Channel. Since then, he has been involved in the creation of Web sites, videos and AV productions for the Abril Group.

MTV Brasil was sold to Viacom effective just a couple of days  ago.

TVA, a 49%-51% partnership with Telefónica, is a complicated story, So is the Digital Division.

Additional Closures Announced August 1

In today’s IMPRENSA, addition cuts announced.

The rumors involving Abril since June, when the company was reorganized and directors dismissed, have apparently begin on July 31, with the demise of Bravo.

Editora Abril Closes Titles and Lays Off Workers

Today, August 1, the process continues with the closure of Gloss, Alfa e Lola magazine. In addition,the Web site of Contigo! will no longer appear and its content will become part of the Portal MdeMulher, which also suffered layoffs.. To date, 150 employees have been laid off.

The Club Alfa Web portal was also discontinued. The announcement says that all the titles discontinued with be discontinued on all platforms.

Late Friday afternoon, Abril issued a statement in which it announces all the changes in effect and makes official the discontinuation of the titles involved.

Playboy Survives

Playboy will survive the cuts. Its editor has mounted a blog to reassure readers of that fact.

Todos os dias chegam a Playboy dezenas e dezenas de solicitações de informação sobre o que está acontecendo na revista e é impressionante a quantidade de boatos, referências e desinformação em relação ao que fazemos em Playboy, especialmente na internet. Para criar uma fonte acessível, ágil e confiável sobre a revista mais gostosa do Brasil, e saber mais sobre como a revista é realmente feita, me propus a fazer este blog, dedicado a toda a comunidade da informação e, mais especialmente, ao leitor de Playboy.