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Tony Ângelo Drops Off the Map


Source: G1 

Follow-up to:

I habitually keep notes on the militias of Rio and elsewhere in Brazil.

Militia chief Toni Ângelo was arrested on July 31 at the Hospital Oeste D’Or, in  Campo Grande, Western Zone of  Rio, where he has been in police custody since Saturday, July 27. The information was confirmed by the PR department of the hospital.

The state secretary of prison management, however, said that Toni Ângelo has not yet been handed over to the prison system, according to the show Bom Dia Rio.

The militiaman was shot during a fight at the nightclub Baco Evolution, inCampo Grande, during a gun battle with prison guard Anderson Terra dos Santos, son of the militia figure Júlio César Oliveira dos Santos — aka Little Julie Gunfight. Anderson died at the scene.

Googling the father, I suspect this is not the Julio Cesar Santos Oliveira on Facebook or Linked In

Ah, here we go: The father is named in the CPI of the Militias.

According to a contemporary news account,

A state judicial police operation in Campo Grande, Western Zone … resulted in the arrest of city councilmember  Jerônimo Guimarães Filho, aka Jerominho – on suspicion of criminal conspiraccy and leadership of  militia groups in the region — paramilitaries who charge residents for security … Also arrested was Júlio César Oliveira dos Santos, a military police sergeant based in Teresópolis. Articles in the mainstream Rio media, based on police sources, and the prosecutor’s office, the sergeant in the 30th BPM — military police battalion — was part of the gang.

As to the uncannily lucky Toni Ângelo — he was shot in the face and the bullet lodged in a vertebra:

The state secretary of public safety declared that Ângelo needs to be interrogated by state judicial police. However, according to the Homicide Division, the militiaman was not taken there because Homicide lacks the security resources to avoid an escape. The police did not say where the militiaman was taken.

Toni is also known as Erótico, supposedly because he is a notorious babe magnet.

It has become a common practice to transfer high-value prisoners to federal prisons in the deepest, darkest corners of Brazil — a militiaman can get a lot of work done from a local jail cell, they say.