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São Paulo Transit | Green Line Task Force Underway

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New charges are considered, old cases are dusted off, and São Paulo’s governor loses his first attempt to obtain documents in the Siemens bribery case, complaining that information is being leaked in dribs and drabs — which, of course, it is. This is Brazil, after all.

Source: Midiacon News

The Public Ministry of São Paulo — [roughly, the state prosecutor] — has formed a task force to analyze 45 cases involving companies suspected of fraud in public auctions of commuter rail and Metrô — [subway ]– contracts.

Fifteen investigations that had been archived for lack  of evidence have been reinstated. The objective is to analyze the contracts in minute detail.

The measure is a result of the plea bargain negotiated between Siemens and Brazilian antitrust authorities regarding the formation of a cartel … in railway auctions between 1998 and 2008, in São Paulo and the Distrito Federal.

All told, 19 companies are involved in these 45 investigations. The number of companies under scrutiny  coincides with the investigation by antitrust agency CADE into the activities of the  São Paulo cartel.

Prosecutor Silvio Marques says that most of the inquiries began in 2009 and are now entering the phase of forensic analysis and interrogation of witnesses, but may prove to have other ramifications based on information supplied by Siemens.

The task force will comprise 10 prosecutors.


We live fairly near to the Sumaré-Vila stretch — both of them stations sorely lacking in urban planning in the surrounding areas. Sumaré, for example, is walking distance from absolutely nothing. Our stop, at least, abuts a residential neighborhood and has a modicum of small business. But the schlep up Tim Maia alley from out house to the station is a real physical challenge.

I fondly recall living 50 meters from the 1-2-3-9  in Brooklyn.

Hop across to the 6 and vapt vupt you emerge at Wall Street. Or you can take the A train.

The Folha was able to discover that among the cases retrieved from the archives is an investigation into irregularities in the increase in prices and deadlines on Line 2-Green of the São Paulo Metrô to the tune of R$ 143 million.

The investigation is focused on the conduct of Metrô officials, Siemens, and the French engineering firm Alstom.

Another case reopened accusations of deals allegedly tainted by fraud in a contract worth  R$ 20 million.

The contract has to do with inspection services and the furnishing of supplies for 21 trains used by the CPTM commuter rail system. In this case, Alstom is the suspect.

An investigation into a contract with the CPTM worth R$15 million for the renovation of 28 trains has also been dusted off and reactivated and names Alstom as its target.

Yesterday, prosecutors met with attorneys for the defendants, seeking information about the transactions in question.

Next, request for access denied. Source: G1

On Monday, a federal court in Brasília rejected the request from the São Paulo state government to obtain access to the data in the cases brought by CADE in response to an alleged cartel operating in auctions related to rail transportation in the state. The government said it would appeal.

São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), had said it was  “lamentable” that the state should have to go to court in order to have access to documents of the CADE investigation. The governor wants access to all the data gathered by CADE, an independent agency with ties to the Ministry of Justice.

Yes, but you have to consider that there are potential parties to the case who might flush their stash if they realize the cops are on the way.

Federal judge Gabriel José Queiroz Neto, in response to the request for an injunction, ruled that CADE may maintain the documents in secrecy.

“It shoud be taken into account, moreover, that a large part of the documents obtained by CADE were the fruit of a judicial order, which expressly stated that CADE should protect their secrecy. That is to say, CADE is fully justified in its caution: It is based on a prior court order.


According to the Wikipedia write-up on the case, which is a little out of date, the charges arise out of an interim appointment as state energy secretary:

During the negotiation and signing off the consulting contract, the State Secretariate of Energy — which managed Eletropaulo — was occupied by David Zylbersztajn, who left office in 1998 to take over the National Petroleum Agency.

Zylbersztajn is the son-in-law of former president Henrique Cardoso. The  current Coordinator of the Subprefectures, Andrea Matarazzo. headed Energy for several months before  it was taken over by current State Transportation Secretary, Mauro Arce.

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Background? The Alsom Affair

A bancada do governo de José Serra na Assembléia Legislativa de São Paulo bloqueou pela segunda vez, a CPI da Eletropaulo, impedindo que se investigasse ou se discutisse as acusações que pesam sobre a fornecedora de equipamentos Alstom e os governos do PSDB.

A investigação do governo suíço obteve um arquivo de 11 pastas, escondido na casa da secretária de um banqueiro, em Zurique. Nele está documentado que, em 1997, a Alstom começou a pagar propinas de pelo menos US$ 5 milhões a um intermediário brasileiro, de codinome “Claudio Mendes”. Esse dinheiro facilitava a a aprovação contratos de compra de equipamentos para hidrelétricas e o Metrô do Estado de São Paulo .

Surgiu uma nova pista na investigação sobre a suposta propina paga pela Alstom, a integrantes do PSDB do governo paulista e do Tribunal de Contas do Estado (TCE). Trata-se do empresário José Amaro Pinto Ramos, de grande proximidade com políticos do PSDB.8

Em 31 de maio de 2008 o governador José Serra declarou à Folha de S. Paulo, com relação à denúncia de propinas supostamente pagas pela Alstom a membros do governo do PSDB anterior ao seu que : não há o que investigar e que soube dos documentos suíços pelos jornais 9 . Sobre o fato de seu atual secretário de Estado dos Transportes, Mauro Arce, ter sido secretário de Energia durante a época em que os repasses foram feitos às offshores, Serra respondeu: Não há o que declarar.9

O ex-governador e candidato a prefeito de São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) também não quis comentar as investigações do caso Alstom. Segundo sua assessoria de imprensa, Alckmin apóia as investigações relativas ao caso e afirma desconhecer as supostas irregularidades apontadas até agora pelas autoridades