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Field of Faith | Began Without a Plan


Source: Jornal do Brasil

A follow-up to

In view of the announcement by Mayor Eduardo PaesTendo that popular housing would be constructed on the Field of Faith, the Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia do Rio de Janeiro — Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy  (Crea-RJ) — registered the concerns raised by this type of development.

According to Crea,-RJ “indications are that the land is located in an area of manguezal, susceptible to flooding if preparations are not made to host any type of construction.”

“What happened to the lands after last week’s rains, which caused the events programmed for the area to be moved to Copacabana, was merely a sample of what might happen in the future without adequate planning and the creation of an engineering infrastructure capable of supporting systems of drainage, drinkingwater, sewage, streets, housing construction and so on. There has to be a structural program, an executive plan and a proper evaluation of costs in order for the level of investment to compensate for  future risks,” according to Crea-RJ.

ALso according to the CREA-RJ, building in manguezal and tracts of clay soil demand elevated costs and investments.  “The cost-benefit issue must be taken into consideration. For all the foregoing reaons,  Crea-RJ places itselff at the disposition of the state and city authorities, and society in general, to contribute as much as it can.”