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Metrogate | Political Fallout?


The potential effects of the subway scandal on the elections

Source: Brasilianas.Org.

And now a ranking PSDB politician appears in the case of the Alstom bribery scheme:

The federal police have indicted Andrea Matarazzo, according to the Folha de S. Paulo.

Matarazzo, currently a  PSDB alderman in São Paulo, occupied important positions during the Cardoso presidency and the state governments of Serra and Alckmin.

He denies the charge, and it would be an odd thing if he did not.

It now seems that living at the expense of others is a thing of the past, along with the abject impunity that defined it.

After years of million-dollar corruption were admitted by multinationals like  Siemens and Alston, never having been investigated by the Brazilian press or judiciary, the facts emerge due to public pressure that has discovered in the Internet a means of expressing itself.

The Metrô bribery scandal is a tragedy for the public image of the PSDB, the judicial system and the media.

How can it be that with so much evidence supplied by the contractors themselves, no action was taken?

The first accusations date to 2008. Five years later, if Siemens had not admitted the formation of a cartel for obtaining subway contracts, everything would be just as it was.

Serra went so far as to say that the charges were “a PT thing” while the press limited itself to publishing this rejoinder rather than doing its homework

It is horrifying to see Robson Marinho – a sort of right-hand man to  Covas – sitting today on the Tribunal de Contas do Estado — the state accounting tribunal — for which he gets paid (R$ 20,000 per month) to — pause here for laughter — oversee the public accounts.

Where is the media, defending the public interest as it should?

A strange logic applied by the newsrooms of the major media outlets: corruption is nothing if it involves friends and everything if it involves adversaries.

To what degree the episode may undermine Alckmin’s bid for reelection in 2014 is an open question.

But São Paulo residents will have an excellent opportunity to show that they want a new way of practicing politics.