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The Pesseghini Affair | Fernandes on Ultraviolence

Execution style? The Pesseghini Family

Execution style? The Pesseghini Family

Bob Fernandes

In April, we reported that a task force of 12 state legislative police (PC, for Polícia Civil) was being formed to investigate a death squad inside the military police (PM). A death squad, operating in the regions of Osasco and Carapicuíba.Three months later, five men, three of them PMs, are under arrest and charged with homicide and attempted homicide.

In its investigation, the PC was assisted by the internal affairs division of the PM.

The PMs indicted are Lt. Diego Rodrigues de Almeida, sergeant Francisco Marcelo Santos and private Fabrício Emmanuel Eleutério.

The other two men arrested were security guards Paulo Roberto da Silva, aka “Uncle Paulo,” and Márcio Silvestre Ferreira.

The five men remain in jail on the strength of a judicial order, and their attorneys have had access to the case file. The crimes were committed on February 5 of this year, in Osasco.

This episode is just the first chapter in a novel about PMs and, in the case of Osasco e Carapicuíba, private security guards who belong to death squads.

In the wake of this investigation, police uncovered 20 murders and 26 attempted murders in Osasco and Carapicuíba alone — crimes attributed to one or the other member of the same group.

There are dozens of similar cases in Taboão da Serra, Guarulhos, Franco da Rocha, Mairiporã, Santos …  These are cases in which, according to PC investigations, PMs are suspected of belonging to death squads.

Late night, February 5: Two attacks are connected and the accused are jailed.

The hour was 11:34.  At the Malokas Bar, at No. 1 Basílio Marçal Street in, Jardim Cirino,  Osasco, a group of friends — Diego, Herbert, Marcelo and Willian — are drinking beer and soda and talking together.

Three or four men wearing ninja masks reportedly exit a Prisma, and one of them says: “Everyone is going to die.” And then the gunfire began.

The four friends were all shot, but all of them survived. Willian was struck by bullets. One longed in a vertebra. Willian is now a paraplegic.

On this particular night, however,the death squad had rotten luck.

A camera filmed the scene, and one of  the PM assassins dropped an ammo clip from his Glock filled with 15 shells. In addition, .45 shells were disscovered on the ground. The ammo factory, CBC, supplied the most important piece of information: which PM barracks and officers had been issued ammo from Lots ALQ42, AEW02 and AAE67?

Comparing weapons to ammunition led to 12 different investigations. Twenty had been killed and 26 targeted for death. This roster of crimes was attributed tto one death squad member or another of the five.

Gratuitous Ultraviolence

On that same night, February 5, a little less than 2 km distant, three brothers were executed. Wellington, 21, Elias,18 and Jefferson, 15, lived in Mairiporã. The three were there by chance, visiting their father, who lost three sons that night. Because the killers wanted revenge.

They were out to avenge a PM known as “Luizinho.” Luizinho, according to the investigation, was also a death squad member. He had been executed during the morning hours of February 5. He was struck by more than 10 gunshots to the head and abdomen. He had been killed on the orders of the  PCC criminal organization, executed by drug trafficker  Rodrigo “Bonitão,” who is currently a fugitive.

After the funeral of “Luizinho,” an expedition of killers set out to avenge their comrade, killing at random whoever crossed their path.

The investigation began in April. Since then, in the Osasco and Carapicuíba region no more crimes with the DNA of this death squad have occurred.

News of the arrest of death squad members inside the São Paulo PM comes during a week of tragic significance.

Andrea and Luis Marcelo Pesseghini

The Pesseghini murder promises to turn into a media frenzy. The Daily Mail reports, breathessly.

Police in Brazil are investigating whether a 13-year-old boy thought to have murdered his police officer parents, his grandmother and his great-aunt was actually the fifth victim of a massacre carried out by criminal cops who wanted his mother dead, it was reported today.

Schoolboy Marcelo Pesseghini had been named as the only suspect in the horrific family bloodbath after it appeared he shot each victim in the head early Monday morning at their home in Sao Paulo.
In a tragedy which has shocked Brazil, the teenager then spent a normal full day at school, before returning home where he apparently killed himself.


Bob narrates.

This Monday (5), a quintuple homicide shock São Paulo and its police force.

In Brazilândia, Northern Zone, a married couple of PMs, Luis Marcelo Pesseghini — a ROTA sergeant –and his wife, Corporal  Andrea Regina Bovo Pesseghini were murdered. In the same incident the couple’s son, Marcelo, 12 anos, and two female family members, Benedita de Oliveira Bovo and Bernadete Oliveira da Silva, were murdered as well

The murders at first showed signs of a revenge killing, but on Tuesday, PM commandant Benedito Roberto Meira said this was unlikely given the characteristics of the crime, with no signs of gunfire or looting. According to Radio  CBN, the theory that the boy, 12, executed his parents then killed himself has not been  discarded .

In the press and media, high-impact reporting on the case of the 25 PMs convicted and sentenced to 624 years for the Carandiru Massacre, which took place 21 years ago.

And less than a week later, another high-impact case that illustrates the climate of violence in Brazil in recent years.

The Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Aplicadas (IPEA) — Institute of Applied Economic Research — discovered that 130,000 were not accounted during the last 15 years.

On average , during each year in this period, 8,400 were murdered but not accounted for as murder victims. This is unthinkable: a nation that is incapable of taking notice of 130,000 murders and call for an end to the carnage.

All over Brazil, protesters demand the demilitarization of the  state PMs, which had developed during the dictatorship into an auxiliary militaryforce, a praetorian guard for the governors. The same model remains in force down to the present day.

All over Brazil, with police shows stirring up hatred and demanding revenge, in prime time,

The reference is to a certain genre of hosted live crime reporting which plays a drumbeat on popular emotions. Rush Limbaugh is a French courtier in comparison with these guys, whose job is to channel a certain endemic rage into a given political machine. Brazilians love to hate.

The fascist hordes emerge, calling for more blood and vengeance.

Just read their comments on Facebook.

The PC’s investigation in São Paulo, in collaboration with PM Internal Affairs, prove that the everyday carnage we live with has been as clear as day for decades, while society pretends it sees and hears nothing.

On one side of the trench, the bandits, cruel and without limits. On the other, in São Paulo and all over Brazil, death squads embedded inside the police.

The shocking result is well known. On average — excluding the 130,000 just recently “discovered” — there occur 40,000 homicides a year. In a little over two decades, more than a million Brazilians have been murdered.

These murders take place almost exclusively in the peripheries of the grand metro areas. For this reason, the dead have no name, no face. They are a mere statistic — if that, as the IPEA now reveals.