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DoLaDoDeLá | The Toucans and Globopar ?

globo sonegação

Source: DoLaDoDeLá, conveying a rumor that has circulated widely since June but has yet to be documented publicly.

Many of you already know about how Globopar, holding company of the Globo network, took out a loan from the Banco Rural much like the loans extended to the Workers Party, and that these loans were considered fraudulent.

As it happens, only the PT is being tried, in Case No. AP 470  in the Supreme Court, [for receipt of funds from these type of loans, among other things] while Globopar has been spared. This is mighty strange.

Many of you also know that Banco Rural is under intervention.

What few people know is that the money for the loan extended to Globopar was raised offshore.

This is where things get complicated for Globopar, Banco Rural, and the Toucans of the PSDB.

Globo is broke, Banco Rural raised money abroad to lend to Globo and to date Globo has not repaid the loan.

It has not repaid it, for a simple reason: Indications are, according to a source who asked not to be named, that the money was raised abroad by ranking PSDB officials with money in the Virgins.

This could be the reason for the display of unity between Globo and the PSDB, in which Globo insists on sparing the party despite the avalanche of evidence in the bribery scheme known as the “trensalão.”

Actually, the Jornal Nacional ran an eight-minute report on the affair during prime time last week.

To guarantee their impunity, the  Toucans and Globo relied on the helpful contribution of the PGR/MPF a– federal prosecutor — and Joaquim Barbosa, who tucked the loan case,  No. 2474, away in a confidential cabinet , doing whatever it took to keep the spotlight on the PT, its political target. Recall that Case 2474, sitting in this drawer for so long, contained the documents that proved the innocence of Pizzolato and rebutted the central thesis of the prosecutor.

The source says that he or she will provide first-hand documentary evidence of this.

Wait and see! …