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Siemens & The Ethical Corporations Movement

Source: Agência Brasil.

Brasília –  Secretary-General to the Presidency Gilberto Carvalho, said today (August 17) that the investigation by the Comptroller-General of the Union (CGU) into companies suspected of cartel formation should be carried out at all levels of government in every Brazilian state.

“No matter who gets hurt, the investigation has to be conducted in any and all states or foreign nations,” he said, regarding a potential investigation of contracts signed by state-owned firms and companies suspected of cartel formation in subway and commuter rail projects in São Paulo and the Distrito Federal.

Carvalho made the remarks during an event at the presidential palace for relatives of civil servants and service providers.

Carvalho made a point of affirming that the CGU has the resources and moral standing to conduct an impartial investigation, without political pressures.  “The  CGU makes us proud with its independence and the seriousness with which it takes its job.”

“The focus now, obviously, is not the federal government. It is São Paulo. We will wait for investigations to run their course, after which let those who deserve it be convicted and sentenced.”

The CGU announced this week that it will propose summoning  Siemens to provide clarifications of alleged cartel formation in the bidding process for the  Metrô subway line in São Paulo and the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM).

Siemens is part of the Cadastro [Empresa] Pró-Ética — Ethical Corporation Registry — maintained by the CGU in partnership with the Instituto ETHOS]\, which imposes conditions on adherence to and continued membership on the list, such as avoiding involvement in accusations capable of calling the company’s ethics and integrity into question.

The management committee of the registry is the authority that will decide on the possible removal of Siemens.