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Wild Danger and the Rio Rackets

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A vintage roleta, used in the “animal game”

Source: Jornal O Globo.

Military police arrested in operation aimed at taking down a “nickel-hunter” gambling machine organization

RIO – A lieutenant-colonel of the Rio state military police (PM), along with other PMs, former PMs and prison guards are the targets of Operation Wild Danger, rolled out this Wednesday morning by GAECO — the  anti-organized crime division of the state judicial police — the state prosecutor and the military police.

As of 9:00 a.m. four PMs, four ex-PMs, two prison guards and six other subjects had been located. The 16 prisoners are accused of taking part in a security scheme for gambling racketeer Fernando Iggnácio. The investigation will execute 26 arrest warrants and 76 search warrants in an attempt to bring down a criminal conspiracy involved in the exploitation of “nickel-hunter” electronic slot machines.

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The operation involves the participation of some 400 men from the MP and the PM, with the support of some 100 vehicles and two helicopters.

Four cars from the PM’s Shock Battalion were parked in from front of Iggnácio’s building, on Mendes de Moraes Avenue, right across from São Conrado beach, in the Southern Zone of Rio. A helicopter overflew the scene. Using pliers, pick-axes and sledgehammers, five PMs entered the deluxe building.

Among those arrested was a trooper from BOPE, the special ops battalion, another from BMPVE, another from the 18th Battalion and another from the 39th Military Police Battalion. An unknown quantity of products used by the gang was apprehended. The arrests and the material seized are being taken to PM headquarters in downtown Rio.

The men are being charged with formation of an armed faction and passive and active corruption. The defendants according to  accusations, were active in Bangu, Realengo, Marechal Hermes and Campo Grande, as well as other neighborhoods in the Western Zone of Rio. The accusation is that the gang used the premises of a company called Ivegê, located in Bangu  and belonging Iggnácio, as its  HQ.

In an interview with Radio CBN, prosecutor Décio Alonso, who is leading the investigation, said that the PMs, ex-PMs prison guards are the armed wing of a criminal organization headed by Iggnácio.

The name is new to me. I try to keep up with back stories of this kind. 

They provided security services to the company and its owner, whom Décio describes as  “the capo of the bicho (animals)  game”.

Illiterate bettors are able to choose pictures of animals in order to register their bet. 

– -They are considered the armed element of this criminal association. They were assigned to sensitive locations, such as warehouses the fortress in Bangu and provided security to the scheme’s collections operation,” the prosecutor said.

According to Décio, in cases of unpaid debts — if the person did not pay the agreed-on price for use of the machines — the policemen would apply coercion. The debtors were tied up and delivered to one of the enforcers:

— The debt was then renegotiated. Promissory notes were issued.

According to the prosecutor, the gang has no ties to the drug traffice or to militias.

Yes, although the “nickel-hunter” machine does form part of the militia business plan in general. 

Décio also stressed that the PM was taken part in the investigation of its own people.

— The PMs  are cutting into their own flesh, he said.

Beltrame on Police Corruption

In an interview from February, state public safety secretary José Beltrame comments on state judicial police officers caught doing business with the bicho

RIO – A detective and seven inspectors of the state legislative police (PC) involved in the gambling rackets were fired today by state public safety secretary  José Mariano Beltrame, as Ancelmo Gois of Globo had predicted on Sundary.

Another two inspectors will lose their pensions. They were arrested in 2007, during the federal police Operation Hurricane. Police agent  José Januário de Freitas, detective Rogério Delgado Carneiro and inspectors Marcos Antonio dos Santos Bretas, Cláudio Augusto Reis de Almeida, Miguel Laino, Luiz Henrique Rosetti Loureiro, Armando Jorge Varella de Almeida, Juarez Giffoni Higino and Alexandre Candido Pereira de Almeida will be dismissed from their posts.

Inspectors Paulo Roberto de Carvalho Moreira da Silva and Maurício Alves de Araújo will lose their pension. 

 The operation against top leadership of the gambling rackets seized computers and documents from LIESA, the League of Independent Samba Schoosl 

Bicho banker met with police at his home

Convicted racketeers corrupted public agents and financed political campaigns. 

At the time, PF agents found packets of cash supposedly used by Aniz Abraaão David, aka o Anísio, patron of the Beija-Flor samba society; Aílton Guimarães Jorge, aka Capitão Guimarães, and Antônio Petrus Kalil, the Big Turk to bribe policemen. 

O Globo – A expulsão resulta de um inquérito administrativo? De quanto tempo?

Beltrame – O inquérito foi aberto em 2007, logo após a Operação Furacão, da Polícia Federal. É um procedimento administrativo que tem regras, prazos, recursos e ao fim é julgado pela Corregedoria Geral Unificada. Demora porque a lei é assim, dá amplo poderes de defesa aos acusados. Mas o importante é concluir os procedimentos com lisura para que não sejam questionados, para que o Estado não seja obrigado a readmiti-los

O senhor acredita que essas expulsões possam inibir o envolvimento de policiais com o bicho?

Beltrame – Acho que, como exemplo, ajuda a mostrar que não estamos parados, que os processos não ficam mais na gaveta, como era a prática das corregedorias. Ou seja, se for provado o envolvimento, o policial já sabe que perderá a carteira de trabalho.
Recentemente, a Polícia Civil apreendeu documentos na Liesa que indicariam o envolvimento de oficiais com a segurança da liga. Como o senhor avalia esse fato? Serão expulsos também?

Beltrame – Como disse anteriormente, se for provado o envolvimento, vai responder a processo e pode ser expulso. Esta é a regra do jogo. Aliás, sempre foi, a diferença agora é que os processos não ficam presos em burocracia. Desde que chegamos aqui em 2007, a ordem é tocar. Creio que, pelo número expressivo de policiais expulsos ao longo destes últimos seis anos, a mensagem está mais do que clara. Não vamos fazer concessões com qualquer tipo de corrupção ou desvio de conduta.