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Jornal Nacional | Wild Danger: The Follow-Up

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Source: Jornal Nacional

Globo’s prime time news broadcast updates the story of a major bust involving Rio de Janeiro gambling racketeers. The report includes some dramatic numbers not included in preliminary reports on the criminal organization taken down.

For some reason the JN fails to mention the involvement of GAECO, the anti-mafia division of the state police or the operation’s name — Perigo Selvagem, or “wild danger.”

Its numbers are at odds with other numbers reported, including numbers reported by the G1 news portal, possibly because the MPE rushed to announce its results.

The most conspicuous absence: previous reports identified members of the elite SWAT team BOPE as part of the scheme.

This Wednesday  (August 21), 22 persons were arrested in an action against the “nickel hunter” — electronic slot machines — mafia  in Rio de Janeiro. Nine of the 22 are military police. The sophistication of the criminal conspiracy surprised prosecutors from the anti-organized crime office.

In the scheme, the headquarters functioned as a bank branch. Payments to operators of the machines were made using seven computerized ticket windows, and the money was distributed only after an electronic verification of fingerprints.

Police seized nearly R$ 700,000 in cash. In one warehouse, CPUs and monitors sufficient to fabricate 1,000 “nickel hunters” were discovered. In all, 22 persons were arrested, among them 9 military police.Two of these were officers: Capt. Walter Colchone Netto and Lt. Col. Marcelo Bastos Leal, who is accused of commanding the organization’s security scheme

“This reinforces the effort by the  PM to combat illegal behavior, cutting into its own flesh ….,” said Lt. Col. Cláudio Costa, spokesman for the military police.

Prosecutors say the gang was commanded by bicho banker Fernando Iggnácio. The deluxe building where he lives, in the Southern Zone of Rio, was surrounded in the early morning hours, in a large-scale operation. But Fernando Iggnácio was not present.

Police remained at the scene. They occupied the apartment for nine hours, searching for evidence that might strengthen their case.

Gaining entry was difficult. After trying to break down the door, the police learned that relatives of  Fernando Iggnácio were inside. Police swept the residence, gathering documents, checkbooks, and computers.

Also found at the headquarters of the group was a valuable piece of evidence: the fingerprint identification system. That is to say, members of the scheme were inserting their finger into a trap that they set for themselves.

The PM reported that the nine PMs arrested have not yet made a statement to PM internal affairs.

Assassination Plot

The state prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro (MPE) is investigating a reported plan by Lt. Col. Marcelo Bastos Leal, arrested in Operation  “Wild Danger,” to kill the former commandant of the PM Erir da Costa Filho. The MPE says this is not related to the investigation that gave rise to Wednesday’s operation.

The accusation, received by the tip line maintained by the ombudsman of the MPE, reveals that  Marcelo Bastos Leal, at the time a mjaor assigned to the personnel directorate, recruited 8 PMs, among them several militia members, to execute da Costa, now an ex-commandant, for this activities against the crimes committed by the organization led by the bicho banker Anísio Abraham.

… According to a partial account of the action, published by the MPE-RJ, 1,000 nickel-hunter machines, R$ 500,000 in case,  biometric identification devices, promissory notes and computers were found and seized. A revolver and two pistols, with 134 rounds of ammo and a sight for a rifle were also retrieved.