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Mayhem in Rio | Black Bloc x JPMDB


Above: Hostile messages on Jéssica’s — apparently deactivated — Twitter account.

Following up on

The JB focuses closely on a key content and tactics distributor in the protests involving a parliamentary commission in the Rio city legislature.

Source: Jornal do Brasil

Surrounded by protestors in favor of the CPI of The Buses, occupying the galleries of the municipal legislature of Rio de Janeiro, a young women circulates with an air of confidence.

She says she is a Western Zone resident and nonpartisan. She frequently talks on her cell phone, then leads the chanting of slogans that are repeated by her comrades.

Questioned by the press, she avoids giving her name.

The young woman, leader of the group that assaulted GloboNews reporters inside the legislative chamber, is Jéssica Ohana, president of the PMDB National Youth organization.

Jéssica is a member of the the same political party as Governor Cabral, Mayor Paes and the controversial president of the CPI of the Buses, Chiquinho Brazão.

| caption | Jéssica Ohana with Rio vice-governor Luiz Fernando Pezão, and with Marco Antônio Cabral, son of Governor Sérgio Cabral, whom she succeeded as president of the national PMDB Youth.

After her  identity was revealed, Jéssica adjusted her stride and avoided journalists. She positioned herself in the lobby of the side entrance of the Câmara near some of her partisan comrades, who angrily assaulted multimedia producer Guilherme Fernandes, as he was trying to capture images of the group.

The demonstrators even threatened members of a reporting team from Terra that was covering the first session of the CPI.

Previously, in the spectator galleries, they had assaulted and expelled reporters Júlio Molica and Antônia Martinho, of GloboNews.

During the session, they provoked demonstrators contrary to the CPI, threatening to “get them” outside. They chanted “I am a suburbanite, with pride and love,” and called their opponents “playboys.”

Other reports are that the most common insults were “militia” — aimed at the JPMDB — and “pot smokers” — PSOL supporters and others contrary to the proceedings.

On the other side of the lines, their rivals accused them of belong to groups with ties to militias.

Part of the PMDB youth group kept its promise to assault opponents as it left the chamber, injuring a protestor standing beside the front door and escalating the situation into a scene of generalized mayhem.

Protestors with ties to the Black Bloc rose in defense of victims of aggression and confronted the aggressors. The pro-CPI group wound up taking refuge in a building on Evaristo da Veiga Street. At least ten persons were detained and taken to the 5th Precinct.


Jéssica Ohana took over as president of the PDMB Youth in February of this year. She succeeded Marco Antônio Cabral, son of Governor Sérgio Cabral, who is expected to run for the city legislator next year.

On the JPMDB Web site, Jéssica, 21, says she is a tourism student at the federal university, UFF. She is described as “determined and passionate about politics.”

In an interview with the PMDB Web site, she says she intends to maintain the management model inherited from the younger Cabral, and plans to strenghten the presence of the PMDB Youth in the student movement. She says she is the daughter of politicians, but has no intention of running for office herself.

“That is not my intention. I prefer to stand beside comrade  Marco Antônio Cabral and  Rafael Picciani, who will make great party leaders with a national profile,” she told the Web site of the JPMDB