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Black Bloc Attacks Abril


“How to construct a Veja cover story” — Black Blocs on the magazine’s treatment of Emma, “muse of the Black Bloc”

Source: Estadão

Nearly 80 members of the Black Bloc movement clashed with military police (PM) on Friday evening in front of the Editora Abril building on the Pinheiros beltway, in the Western Zone of São Paulo, after blocking stretches of Faria Lima and Eusébio Matoso Avenues and the beltway itself.

The Folha counts 200 demonstrators.

During the demonstration, they threw stones at the building of the media group and the PM responded with flash bombs.

The protestors rallied at 6:00 p.m. in the Largo da Batata, in Pinheiros, in the Western Zone, and said that the protest was “in favor of democratization of the media and against Veja magazine The group burned a copy of the magazine, which this week ran a story on the Black Blocs on its cover (above).

One of the banners displayed by marchers read: “Down with Dilma, down with Alckmin, down with Cabral and down with the PM.” The group was accompanied by the PM, including the Shock Troop. The PM did not report how many men it assigned to the protest, considering this information strategic.

Still gathered at the Largo, the Black Blocs debated among themselves. While some granted interviews to TV Brasil  –- which was accompanied by the press in general –-, others cursed the state broadcaster, accusing it of having sold out to “the corporate media.”

At 7:30 p.m., the group took over Faria Lima Avenue in one direction and then. 20 minutes later, in the oppposite direction. A desperate man who did not want to be identified, in a taxi stuck in traffic, complained that he needed to get to the hospital to see his son. The taxi was unable to get past the blockade mounted by demonstrators.

Next, the Black Blocs occupied Eusébio Matoso Avenue, heading toward the beltway, for 20 minutes. At 8:10 p.m., the protestors closed the beltway in the direction of the Castelo Branco, heading toward Abril.

The group arrived at Abril at 8:30 p.m., where it encountered a reinforced contingent of police. PM helicopters flew over the location.

The protestors headed to Gate 2 of the Abril building, on Sumidouro Street, and threw burnt copies of Veja and a few stones through the bars. The police observed the action.

The situation turned critical when the Black Blocs returned to the Pinheiros beltway, gathered up dozens of stones and began to throw them at Abril, hitting the guard shack — the armored structure was not damaged — and PM vehicles. The PMs launched flash bombs, there was general confusion, and the group dispersed into the surrounding neighborhood.   As of 9:00 p.m., there was no information that anyone was hurt. Abril did not comment on the episode.não se manifestou sobre o caso.

The BB published the following critique of a Veja magazine cover story on its activities.

The gang of hidden faces

Who are the militants of Black Bloc, who hit the streets intent on general mayhem?

A quick and dirty translation.

(1) Establish a contradiction: Here, the impoverished masses. There, the rebel without a cause. Stress the contrast with those wear the  mask: the innocent child and the “insurgent rioter”

(2) Red is the new black. The Bloc wears black from head to toe, which gives the group its name. If you are lucky, however, you will find a lone protester wearing denim and a red covering over their head (in  this case, the flag of Paraiba). It is important for ideological reason  that this “threat” be viewed as “red”

(3) Insert a subliminal hint

I cannot see one, can you? Subliminal imagery is, however, a hallmark of the magazine’s cover designs. A case I often site are two covers which use the same “evil eye” to create a subliminal response linking the black evil of child abuse and the red evil of the Workers Party and its “authoritarian temptations.”

«Children abandoned, tortured,and murdered»
<The authoritarian temptation: the PT government’s attempts to monitor and control the press, TV and culture. Now that is some ham-fisted subliminal imagery.

(4) Create a sea of blood. Have the designer make the background red as  well. The fact is that red is the color of the enraged Left, of  corruption, of the”monthly payola” … red is the color of DANGER!

(5) Choose your words carefully. Nothing better than the term “gang” to overcome  the eventual sympathy on the part of the reader for any social movement. If the  group is small, refer to it as a “tiny faction.”

(6) Insult them. As if they were a badly drawn caricature of the  (Collor era) painted faces, call them tapadas — a pun on the term for  a covered face and the slang term “bonehead.” We might just as well be called the Covered Faces, but you cannot resist the opportunity to  insult the young woman in the picture.

(7) Generalize, because after all, responsible journalism is the exclusive property of serious publications.

There are all sorts of demonstrators causing all sorts of damage in the street. Treat them all as birds of a feather and accuse the Black Bloc of indiscriminate mayhem.

Pretend you did not read our offical manifesto: “The BB is not a deliberately and randomly hostile group. Our struggle is against the big corporations and in defense of their victims … We recognize the small business owner as a victim of this system. We repudiate and do our utmost to prevent acts that target these businesses.”