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Robson Marinho | Railroaded?


Source: Sem Fronteiras.

By: Wálter Fanganiello Maierovitch (Carta Capital)

After the Maluf case, the time has come for TCE magistrate Robson Marinho to explain his involvement in money laundering,

The state accounting tribunal (TCE) is a regulatory body related to the Legislature.

Its members are selected according to poltical and partisan loyalties. As though they were were members of the Judiciary, TCE magistrates enjoy the benefits of a lifetime appointment and exemption from reducation in salary and benefits .

The complete uselessness of these bodies at the municipal and state level are widely recognized.

Two examples, one from the remote past and one more current illustrate how attractive and sought-after is a nomination as a magistrate of  the TCU — the federal tribunal — or as a magistrate in a smaller jurisdiction.

First example:  in São Paulo state, a recently re-elected Senator, Orlando Zancaner, resigned from office to become magistrate for life of the TCE-SP. He traded in six years as a federal senator in return for the immunity from removal from office and for the political power exercised by a TCE magistrate.

Zancaner, who is no longer  with us, retired so rapidly that the city of Catanduva, where he was borne, that the street signs celebrating his career left out his titles, such as “Senator” and “TCE  member. ”

And other example, especially lamentable. Last month, a group of politicians worked themselves to death trying to fill a recent vacancy in the TCU. One candidate was deputy Aldo Rebelo, of the PCdoB, …

In search of support, Aldo Rebelo showed up at the birthday party of Paulo Maluf … where he strengthed his friendhip.

As it happens, Maluf is a defendant in a money laundering case, dating back to his term as São Paulo mayor. According to the indictment circulaing among the ministers of the Supreme Court (STF)  Maluf diverted funds from the city administration and sent them offshore.

Because the TCE magistrates are responsible for approving extremely lucrative contracts, a TCE magistrate needs to know how to fend off the approach of a bribe-payer.

They must also maintain the transparency of their own finances. They must have a financial life that is totally transparent.

The Robson Accounts

Yesterday, in São Paulo, former TCE magistrate Robson Marinho, once more attempted without success to prevent the opening of his banking and rax information.Switzerland reveals that Robson Marinho mainains US$3 million of unknown provenance.

Robson Marinho was chief of state of the Mario Covas government. Afterwards, he joined the TCE with partisan political support, since he has remained a member of the PSDB.

Marinho believes that he owes no explanation to anyone, and is appeal his case, trying to reverse the ruling of Judge Maria Gabriella Pavlópoulos Spaolonzi.

At the request of the attorney-general , an action of equtable relief was assigned Sto  ílvio Marques and Saad Mazloum, … and Judge Maria Gabriella determined the opening and inspection of Robson Marinho’s private accounts.

In his defense, Marinho said he was the victim of political persecution and said that the statute of limitations had run This is not a matter … of a tax claim, but of “ilicit self-enrichment at the cost of the public coffers. The plenary session of the 12th Chamber of the state high court  voted Marinho’s appeal down unanimously.

Marques and Mazloun collected strong evidence that the money sent by Robson Marinho came from illegalsorces . They are investigating the “commission” paid by French multinational Alstom, which sells turbines and trains for the S. Paulo subway. At the very least, there was tax evasion — that is, the expatriation of money with no identified purpose sent abroad. conhecida mandado ao exterior

Marinho denies having money in Switzerland, but an account of his was blocked during the appeal.

Alstom has been under investigation by Brazilian Justice, as well as Swiss and French law enforcement. In the Robson Marinho case, his seat on the TCE has become unsustainable