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“Alckmin Transparency Talk is Just That: Talk”


A follow-up to

This is the curious case of the blue-ribbon commission assembled by the state governor to “accompany the investigations” in the massive scandal over bid-rigging and bribery in the subway and commuter rail systems.

The announcement seemed odd because the case is already covered by more law enforcement and  prosecutor in the system.

Source:  Brasil de Fato.

Commission created by govenor to accompany the Siemens case lacks access to the investigation and has met only twice.

By Eduardo Maretti | Rede Brasil Atual

Created nearly a month ago by Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), supposedly  to involve civil society in the corruption investigations into corruption in the subway and the CPTM, the TranSParência Movement has held only two meetings to date (the latest on August 30) without issuing any relevant information to the public.

It also lacks a Web presence and an effective speakers bureau in order to disseminate its positions.

Gustavo Ungaro, president of the state government’s Corregedoria Geral da Administração (CGA) said that the meeting last seek focused on bidding processes between 1998 and 2008.

I still have not found a satisfying translation for corregedoria.

The CGA is an oversight body — the corregedoria — of the state government; the CGU is the corresponding agency in the federal bureaucracy. I suppose this makes them watchdog groups, parallel to our GAO.

“The interaction with civil society through an external group providing oversight of thecase has produced information of great importance to our our work, from suggestions on how to strengthen our organization and increase our fiscal transparency,” he said. “This project not only promotes transparency but also forms an effective collaboration in the invesstigatory work.”

Objectively, however, the entities that participate in the TranSParência movement, have very little to contribute to the confederation.

According to attorney Vicente Bagnoli, of the Order of Brazilian attorneys (OAB-SP), which took part in the Friday meeting, “the OAB, like other civil society groups, is merely monitoring what the state is doing. The OAB makes no decisions, offers no suggestions on what the State should or should not do. This is not our role. We simply monitor what is being done,” he explains.

Bagnoli says that, according to the state government, nearly all the companies involved in the alleged cartel have already given statements to the state. But “the content of these depositions remain confidential  in order not to interfere with ongoing investigations.”

The suit filed by the state government against Siemens … also remains confidential,  as ordered my Judge  Renata Longo Vilalba Serrano Nunes. Likewise with the principal documents — collected by means of a search and sieze warrant) — of the proceedings underway at at the antirust agency CADE.

Through its press office, the CGA stated that Friday’s meeting was attended b:

  1. OAB-SP
  2. Transparência Brasil
  3. Movimento de Combate à Corrupção Eleitoral (MCCE)
  4. Sindicato dos Engenheiros no Estado de São Paulo,
  5. Conselho de Transparência da Administração Pública,
  6. Instituto Ethos,
  7. Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil,
  8. Fundação Instituto de Pesquisa Econômicas (Fipe),
  9. Escola Politécnica da USP and
  10. Comissão de Controle Social de Gastos Públicos da OAB-SP.

The Brazilian Press Association (ABI) “was absent for reasons it explained,” the CGA said.

MCCE, however, denies its participation.

MCCE member Lucrécia Anchieschi Gomes, a teacher, says the group was not a member of the commission and that Ungaro had been officially advised of the fact.

“There must have been some error. We decided not to participate because the group does not share our focus. Our focus is on issues relating to elections,” Lucrécia said.

According to the CGAm MCCE was represented byNaur Martins. “Naur attended of his own free will, as an invididual, but he does not represent MCCE,” Lucrécia explains.

Figurative Role

The opposition to the Alckmin state government has criticized the government for barring to the creation of CPI — parliamentary inquiry — on the subway scandal and says the commission of notable citizens plays a merely figurative role.

When the TranSParência Movement was announced on August 9, deputy Alencar Santana (PT) said, “The worst of it is that the OAB would involve itself, since it is a body dedicated to defense and not to investigation.

Vicente Bagnoli responds that the OAB “was invited to take part in a commission of external monitoring.” The OAB has the republican duty to defend the principles of justice responde and the interests of civil society.””

According to the CGA, the next meeting of the TranSParência Movement will take place within  the next 15, though the precise date has not been confirmed.