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Fighting Words | “Dilma Surveillance Was a Criminal Act”


Source |  Brasilianas.Org.

Por Diogo Costa

A genuine and lamentable criminal act — The discovery of acts of espionage by U.S. agents in various parts of the world is far from surprising or uncommon. Espionage has been conducted by the U.S. since forever. And not just by the Americans.

Espionage is part of human history and other great powers make use of it on a daily basis, without thinking twice about it. The most serious aspect of the current diplomatic crisis, however, is the scope and the targeting of the criminal activities conducted by Washington.

We know now that President Dilma Rousseff, chief of state of the RFB, was targeted for intense espionage– telephone and electronic) High ranking officials were also targeted by this criminal machinery, mounted after the September 11 attacks.  One (or several) criminal acts of this nature and magnitude could well be construed as an act of war, without any rhetorical exaggeration.

The commission of crimes by the American state is, in fact, well known and widely acknowledged, but in fact has surpassed the limits  of the possible and  the imaginable.

The National Contress will install a parliamentry commission (CPI) on the topic, in which it will be very important to explain in detail all of the superficial incidents on the agenda.

It would not be the first time that a CPI has fully and undeniably detected the pernicous presence of the Americans, who operate to destabilize a government whose foreign policy it does not share.

IPES (Institute of  Surveys and Social Studies) and  IBAD (Brazilian Institute of Democratic Action], created in the late 1950 and early 1960s, were two organizations with strict ties with the CIA and worked toward fomenting anti-communist rhetoric typical of the Cold War.

After the resignation of Jânio Quadros, when vice-president João Goulart assumed   (first as a prime minister and later, as the result of a plebescite, as president) his powers as these were constitutionally defined. But not before  Brazilians witnessed the beautiful Campaign for Legality, headed by Rio Grande do Sul governor  Leonel Brizola.

Then came the legislative elections of 1962 and the expected climate of mistrust in the campaigns of the UDN and other right-wing groups became a matter of fact, not theory, and was investigated by a 1963 CPI.

In this CPI, it was definitively proven that American corporations contributed to the financing of groups that would later unleash the 1964 coup. IBAD was ordered to shut down a by judicial order in December 1963.

This is why American interference in Brazil and all over Latin American, is a historical constant. Brazil should prepare itself for counterintelligence and disinformation. And it needs to get started right away!

The real question is the following: Does ABIN — analogous to  CIA –work for Brazil or for other countries. For Brazil, obviously. But note that there are distinct groups within the agency, as within any government agency. The serious problem is not this fact, but rather than the diplomatic and security forces need training and professionalization. .

Recall, for example, the current situation with Bolivia. The diplomat who acted against orders from his superiors and President Dilma Rousseff — must be punished!  He cannot walk away with impunity to serve as an example to future diplomats: committing crimes, violation of international law, violation of the sovereignty of another nation, as well as (worst of all) to violate the national  sovereignty of Brasil.

The State can no longer treat diplomacy and counterintelligence as a game, in which players do as each desires, with impunity. If If it remains on this path, there will be no reason to complain of the consequences this institucional weakness.

In sum, the Ministry of Foreign Relations should take every proper legal measures to expose the American spymasters involved in the crime. Proper measures should be taken that ensure these actions do not repeat themselves.

Imagine: Your e-mail privacy is violated, so you turn to the security company that hacked you in the first place. Nice work if you can get it.

Can Brazil write its own security software?

Perhaps it is a good thing that this episode comes to light at this specific moment: based on the episode, it  will be possible to take security measures against CIA, NED, NSA. These agencies have a combined annual budget  R$ 126 billion. You can be sure this budget is not spent on toys.


Is it unthinkable that ABIN agents provided with training by U.S. experts might be recruited as resources? I keep waiting for some expert to show up on Globo with this warning.

In any event, we await the next Snowden pages.