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Lame Duck Shannon Stuck with Espionage Case?


Source: | Brasilianas.Org.

Maíra Magro | Valor

Minister requests explanations from U.S. Ambassador  in espionage case 

In a conversation this Monday morning with U.S. Ambassador Thomas Shannon,  Brazilian Secretary of Foreign Relations Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado requested information in written form about the documents that revealed that U.S. espionage were targeting President Dilma Rousseff and her aides.

Figueiredo said he expressed the indignation” of the Brazilian government with information it received and the facts related to the revelations, Figueiredo said he expects a response by the end the week.

According to the minister, Shannon said he would communicate today with the White House despite the fact that today, Americans celebrate Labor Day.

Concrete  Measures

Figueiredo refused to comment on whether Dilma’s trip to Washington, scheduled for next month, is confirmed or not — generating rumors that the President will cancel the visit. He also said that Brazil will only decide on concrate measures in the episode after receiving the American response.

Regarding his conversation with the American ambassador, Figueiredo said that “he understands what was said,” and is searching for a response. “It is often thought that diplomacy is a way of communicating things in a roundabout way. It is not. When things have to be expressed clearly, they are. Here, the matters to be discussed had to be dealt with directly and we expressed in an extremely manner,, said Brazil’s top  diplomat.


Figueiredo went on to say that the Brazilian government  is in talks with other underdeveloped and developing national in order to evaluate how they can protect themselves, saying that joint actions could be taken to deal with the problem, which Figueiredo classifiedas “a grave risk.”

The accusations will also be introduced to international forums, said Figueiredo.

Ministry of Justice

Minister of Justice José Eduardo Cardozo, said that Brazil has yet to receive aconclusive explanation from the EUA, but that “it will take the necessary measures” in relation to the case.

“If these charges are confirmed, this will represent an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty. Isso This can never happen, not even in an investigation of illicit data brokering… Insasmuch as the investigation has political and corporate dimensions — the situation  has  worsened, no doubt,” said Cardozo in a press conference in which the dais was shared Figeiredo. “With the political and economic pressures, the situation has certainly worsed;

The minister classified surveillance of major poltiical figures as “inadmissible and charactertistc of a situatio that does bode well for bileral relations, creating an environment in which …

He underscored that the espionage had nothing to do with terrorism or organized crime,but attacked the federal govenment with messages related to political and commercial interets.

“Brazilian love their Costitution as the Americans love theirs. This binational discussion requires a protocol that will legitimate this situation,”‘ he said.

Cardozo returned from a trip to the U.S.on August 30, without achieving consensus on the Brazilian proposal that all intercepion of data in Brazil be carried out in the case of suspected criminal activity, by criminal over which Brazilian courts have jurisdiction and based on a Brazilian court order, recognizng the principle of the presumption of innocence.

The Americans responded that they cannot agree to an accord of this kind with Brazil or with any country in the world.

Over the past several years, a series of reports on illegal survellance — some credible, many not — has desensitized the Brazilian view and reader, it seems to me.

For one thing, such cases have a brief shelf life, cause they are so torturously boring.

And for a related reason: reporting based oncollated wiretap transcripts just don’t have the impact of a  cell phone video of the bribe exchanging hands.