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The Telhada Decree


Source:  Rede Brasil Atual.

São Paulo – A tense session of the São Paulo city legislature yesterday (August 3) was expected as a renewed attempt was made to call a vote on the bill by councilmember Colonel Telhada (PSDB), who wants to award a “silver platter” to the elite police unit ROTA.

In the end, Telhada passed his bill, as R7 News reports.

Rede Brasil Atual describes the atmosphere in the chamber.

Social movements with ties to the periphery and the issue of race organized an appeance at the 2:00 p.m. plenary session to press lawmakers to defeat the bill. Telhada, meanwhile, invited military police and their families to appear at the session.

This was the PSDB councilmember’s fourth attempt at approving the homage to ROTA. In three previous votes, the proposal did not succeed in obtaining the 37 vote among the 55 vereadores –- but also did not achieve the 19 votes required to archive the bill. This occurred after council member Toninho Vespoli (PSOL) requested a roll call, which forced the PT — with 11 members, the largest party in the house — to vote against the bill.

Vespoli promised to request a roll call again. According to the blog of Diego Zanchetta on the Web site of O Estado de S. Paulo, PT lawmaker Juliana Cardoso argued for a “no” vote on the bill and overcame the argument of the leader of the government, Arselino Tatto (PT), who wanted the PT to abstain.

The failure to approve the homage to ROTA is standing in the ay of important business, such as a package of fiscal exemptions that will support economic develoment in the Eastern Zone. PSDB leader Floriano Pesaro has warned that no more votes will be scheduled so long as Telhada’s bill is not approved.


As I said, Telhada eventually prevailed after a “tumultous” session. R7 goes on to report:

In a tumultuous session due to the presence of demonstrators, city councilmember and retired military police colonel Adriano Telhada (PSDB) succeeded in approving,with 37 votos, the decree that awards the Silve Platter to elite police unit ROTA on Tuesday afternoon. Persons against and persons in favor of the bill were removed when passions ran high.

Telhada commanded ROTA until last year, when he retired and went into politics. He was elected with 90,000 votes, makinghim the fifth most voted lawmaker in the city legislature.

The Silver Platter is a common award, normally awarded to groups and organizations. Because it is a legislative decree, it is not subject to a veto by the mayor. It requires 37 votes in order to pass, as happened yesterday. Another 15 legislators were against the measure and one abstained.

Rede Brasil Actual describes in more detail the protests during the session

Militants report pressure from Military Police

Yesterday afternoon, two militants from the Committee Against the Genocide of Poor, Black Youth of the Periphery — Comitê Contra o Genocídio da Juventude Preta, Pobre e Periférica — wandered through the corridores of the legislature gluing placards on the doors of member offices, declaring the vote of the lawmaker on the Telhada decree. Military police officers assigned to the Câmera constrained them.

This is the account of Miguel Ângelo Sena da Silva Júnior, who, along with here friend Priscila Costa, were at Câmara yesterday. Miguel says that the two of them were gluing placards on the sixth floor when they were approached by PMs, who said they had received complaints that the placards were offensive to members of the Câmara.

The police confiscated the placards and collected the IDs of the militants, then led them to the  PM office on the eighth floor … to check the rules of the house regarding such activity.  “Their treatment of me — I am black and wear my hair in a black power style — was different from their treatment of my colleague, who is white, with straight hair. They asked me questions like where do I live, if I have a degree, in an offensive manner,” he relates.

Why is ROTA such a controversial topic? I have blogged quite a bit on this issue. Agood place to start: