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Belo Horizonte: 15 Militiamen?


Source:  Terra Brasil.

The Polícia Civil (PC) in Belo Horizonte (MG) reports 15 demonstrators arrested Saturday during a confrontation with the Military Police will be indicted on charges of criminal conspiracy, corruption of minors, vandalism and the forming of a private militia, the latter punishable with sentences ranging from four to eight years in jail, with no possibility of parole. “Most of them belong to paramiltary groups,” said PC officer Anderson Alcântara.

In an otherwise typical blow-by-blow of a street demonstration, as follows, the headline makes a promise the body cannot cash: An unsourced, un-fact checked factoid that would be highly signficant, if true.

The problem is that there is no proof, so far, that it is. A “militia” is mentioned in the lead and hed and never followed up on.  Continue reading


Fantástico | The Petrobras Aftermath


Source: GGN.

The scene: A hailstorm of metrosexual dailies have picked up Sunday’s Fantástico segment about NSA espionage allegedly targeting Petrobras.

The New York Times, for example, and the Washington Post. Mother Jones. Businessweek. Reuters. Simon Romero of the New York Times hits the right note of skepticism in dealing with Globo journalism:

Still, details were sparse in the report as to precisely what information the N.S.A. may have obtained from spying on Petrobras, raising questions about what objectives the agency could have in targeting the company, which is controlled by Brazil’s government and ranks among the world’s largest oil producers.

Wall Street Journal. The Hindu. TIme. Deutsche Welle. Pakistan Daily Times

In Brazil, protectionist calls for the cancellation of an oil-field auction  scheduled for October.  Continue reading