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Rank & File | Enter Erundina

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Source  GGN.

Congressmember barred by a military officer from entering, as part of a commisson visiting the former cells of DOI-CODI.


BRASÍLIA– During a meeting Wednesday with Minister of Defense Celso Amorim and the senators who make up the Subcommittee on Memory Truth, and Justice in the Senate, it was decided that a much larger contingent will visit the installations of the former DOI-Codi in Rio, and that the name of  federal deputy  (PSB-SP),  vetoed by the commander of the Army yesterday, would be on the list of visitor.

Luiza Erundina is a former mayor of Sâo Paulo — she built Trianon Park, which is really lovely — and emerged from the first quarter-century of the XXth as a stalwart communist to the very end. I think she must be in her 90s now

The minister told Senators João Capiberibe (PSB-AP) and  Randolfe Rodrigues (PSOL-AP) that there were no restrictions. On the folllowing Monday, the senators decided that visit will take place next Monday. Also in attendance will be Senators Ana Rita (PT-ES); state deputy Chico Alencar (PSOL-RJ); and federal prosecutor Antônio Cabral, who is from Rio and has his attemts to enter the facility blocked for weeks, along with members of the federal Truth Commission and two from the local chapter.

Yesterday, after Erundina was removed from the attendance list, the senators suspended the visit, originally scheduled for Friday. The Senators say that a number of barriers have been placed in the way of those who will attend — the most recent being Luiza Erundina.

HQ of DOI-DOPS, home base of OBAN

HQ of DOI-DOPS, home base of OBAN

We have visited the DOI-DOPS museum here in São Paulo. It is not a place where they sell you rubber ducks and cotton candy. A souvenir waterboarding, perhaps, for old time’s sake.

Since the inspection was announed in early September, Army legislative aides have been haggling with the commission over the make-up of the mission. President of the Subcommittee on Memory Memória, Capiberibe said that the military lodged many objections . One of the Army aides left word fo Capiberibe, that Erudina’s attendance at DOI-Codi had been vetoed.

Learn your rifle. Salute the flag. Shoot the other guy if they tell you to. If not, then confine your comments to “yes sir” or “no, maa’m.”

At moments like this , I find the insubordination of senior military military police officers astonishing. They all seem to think, sincerely, that the Constitution does not apply to them, or, worse, that enacting it is up to them to decide.

Erurina and the president of the subcommission in the lower house, who has authored a bill that would revise the Amnesty Lay for state agents that engaged in such crimes as torture, murder and disappearances, all without due proccess of law …

Luiza Erundina said the exclusion of her name is inaccepable and a disrespect to her popular mandate. She attribute the effor to bar her from the visiting committing to the Army high command.  Erundina links the incident with her militant past and her proposal of a law punishing former agents of the State during the dictatorship.